A Coy, 40 RM seize loc. for US Battalion

Mr Happy

Home work for Tonight.

In five hundred words or less why it ISN'T EMBARRASSING that a company of Royal Marines without any substantial attached assets be used to capture a cave complex on behalf of a reinforced US infantry battalion.

Bonus marks will be given for those answers that include the words or phrases

"their SF guys are equivalent to our fish and chip shop regiments"
"all the gear and no idea"
"A-Team complex"
"do more with less"
"no blue on blues"


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From:      Ananova
Subject:      Commandos seize al-Qaida cave complex

Royal Marine Commandos have seized an al-Qaida cave complex in Afghanistan in a covert mission.

Alpha Company of 40 Commando, Royal Marines, infiltrated the caves believed to be in the Zawar valley on the border with Pakistan.

According to reports, the mission was carried out in order to secure a guerilla heartland for a US infantry battalion.

Full story: http://www.ananova.com/yournews/story/sm_562916.html
Mr Happy,

I see where you are coming from and agree with your point but lets not forget the caves were EMPTY when they were 'seized'.

Before we start getting the bunting out and waving the flags about how good we are doing should we not wait and see what the 'Ragheads' have planned?