A Coy 3 Royal Anglian to 1st Battalion

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by UKChrisT, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi, does anyone know what's involved to go from TA to Regular? I'm TA at the moment but want to go regs (same regiment!) some people have told me i'm probably best to wait till I done a tour because apparently it saves me from doing my basic again, some say otherwise though so a little confused.

    I'm hoping to go on tour to iraq next year with 1st battalion royal anglian, if I prove myself "switched on" all that good stuff could I go straight from there back with 1st battalion guys or would I need to come back with my TA unit?

    Any info is much appreciated,
  2. im not sure mate if i was u i would ask your ACIO. they should know. :)
  3. they are going afghanistan again not iraq i believe...well thats what the corpral said at adsc
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    There have been occasions where TA soldiers have been asked to stay on with a regular battalion after being mobilised to serve on tour with them.

    My advice would be to ask yourself: Do I want to have a full army career, or just do a few years and get out?

    If you only want to do a few years as a private soldier, then just extending on FTRS is a fairly painless way of doing it, but you should expect an element of ribbing about "back door entry". A good performance on tour will go a long way towards removing this.

    If you are young enough and want to do a full career, I would suggest leaving the TA and going on the full regular recruit training package. You will certainly learn things about the wider aspects of soldiering that would not have been covered on your recruit course, and probably not covered on your mobilised service. More importantly, there will be no accusations or doubts remaining that you "back doored" your way in. Petty? Yes. Uncalled for? Almost certainly. A fact of army life you should be aware of? Definately.

    Use 24 weeks of your life to set yourself up for a clear run at your career.
  5. What he said

    But be aware, you might not get much of a choice where you go next year as it hasnt fully been decided where their vacation is going to be.

    There are numerous rumours that they may be split to different locations.

    Last year many from 3 R Anglian got mobilised thinking they were off to serve with the Vikings but they ended up as 10 Platoon stagging on in Kabul. Some waited and ended up going out with the Vikings eventually.

    At least 1 went on and FTRS afterwards and it is believed he will transfer in
  6. My plans are this;

    TA = 1 tour along side a regular battalion

    Regular = Get a transfer into the Vikings, do any basic training if necessary, further 2-3 tours then leave all together.

    How it'll unfold is anyone's guess.
  7. You might as well say in the TA and Battalion, there is enough tours for that taking at the present!!!! Including one to police the line in 2010