A couple of Selection questions

Morning all,

I've decided to give Selection a crack next summer (2008) and, as I have not yet been to the POBC, am after a couple of bits of info to aid my prep:

Firstly, fitness. I'm doing the standard stuff - lots of running, swimming, CV gym work and a bit of hill stuff but want to make sure I'm on the right track. What kind of minute miling do I need to be aiming for to stand a chance at passing? Foolishly read 'A quiet soldier' a few months back and he mentioned them doing 4 miles in 25 mins, in boots, over hills - that's pretty quick!

Secondly, Officers' Week. As a non Teeth-Arm Officer what can I do to prepare myself best for this part of the first phase? Cracking the fitness is one thing, but would be a shame to trip up on anything I can prepare for beforehand.

I'm sure the POBC will have all the answers to the above but, as I said, it's not for a while and I want to make sure my training is pushing me in the right direction.

1.5 mile in 10min 30 sec or under if possible.
50 sit ups in 2min
40 push ups in 2 min
As many pull/chin ups as you can manage
keep your mouth shut about it.

Train hard, then harder.

And stay off here, going on about it.

you'll make a mug of yourself & it's not what is wanted down the road.
DN12345 said:
Apologies, wasn't clear enough. I am intending on attending selection for 22 SAS.
Silly man.....no offence intended....I used to tag along 1 km behind as support on LRPC....in southeast asia for "drop outs" in the 1970/80's

Good advice all ready given in previous post....say nothing and get fit,
if your in UK....try doing a CFT in mud flats!!!!

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