A couple of selection questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mrtickle, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi.
    I have my selection this thursday at lichfield and have got a couple of questions if anyone can help.

    1. What do you turn up in smart casual or shirt and tie?
    2. Are you alound notes for your ice breaker.
    3. It says we will be doing team activities. What does this entail?

    Thanks alot guys.

    P.S is there anyone else here that is on this selection and any tips would be very gratfull.

  2. 1. when i went most turned up in jeans but i turned up in a suit and tie and got some brownie points from a corpral =0
    2. no your not, but they have a board up on the right hand side that has the headlines on
    cap badge

    3. lots of things with planks
    just be as vocal as you can and thats it
  3. Watch the selection dvd, or you can watch the vids online.

    I'm turning up in a tracksuit, since when you arrive you'll be asked to get changed for the medical.

    I don't think it matters how you present yourself on arrival, aslong as you present yourself good on the actual 2 days.

    No notes allowed for the actual ice breaker, but I'd take notes with you to keep them fresh in your mind.

    The team tasks are the most important assessment, or so I've heard.

    Good luck.
  4. you dont get changed for the medical, only for the strength tests afterwards
  5. I passed selection last Thursday.

    1) Everyone turned up in suits. We had three minutes to get changed into tracksuit and give a urine sample as soon as we arrived.

    2) No notes for your icebreaker. You'll have a board near you with a few points for you to cover.

    - Family
    - Hometown
    - Preparation For ADSC
    - Capbadge etc

    3) Team activities are really important. Lots of problem solving; getting from 'A' to 'B' whilst working in a team.
    Contribute, always be really vocal especially in offering support to others. Give it all you got and you'll pass.
  6. But you're asked to get naked for the medical, so either way, the suit will be coming off. :D
  7. when i went to lichfield theres one female doctor there
    hope u get her :eek:
    she may be old but its better than a man feeling ur balls :lol:
  8. What do you have to do for an icebreaker? Get up in front of everyone and talk about yourself?
  9. No you idiot!

    They put 10 ice blocks on top on one another and you have to judo-chop through them all in one go - it's a test of strength.

    Fail and you won't get in!

  10. mate dont turn up in tracksuit IT WILL BE FROWNED UPON! from the moment they pick u up your being assessed, they way you talk,handle and present yourself. when i did my ADSC one lad didnt arrive smart an he was drilled for the whole two days cos of his appearence! at least wear shirt an trousers. good luck anyways mate
  11. I took my suit in a suit carrier and turned up in jeans and a smart shirt with shoes, most of the others did also. Only a few wore suits and it took them ages to change out of them etc
  12. why does it say to turn up in a tracksuit on your ADSC instructions then? and why did a lot of the people who turned up in a tracksuit pass? :roll:
  13. ive been told not to wear a tracksuit for ADSC from the Careers Office.

    they said it is frowned upon also.
  14. I never knew it could be so hard for people to make up their own minds about what to wear. Just eb clean and tidy.

    As for the other stuff - just do as your told when you get there.

    Now that was not hard was it.
  15. [​IMG] = I dont care if i pass, i can always be a criminal.

    [​IMG] = Trying too hard, but better than above.

    = Perfect, just what they are looking for, take one of these