A couple of quick questions

I am after some very basic information regarding my Army Pension that I will soon be getting.

1. Firstly which tax office will it be paid via and their contact details. Is it the same for everyone?

2. When can I tell them to elect to allot my pension to the 40% tax bracket. I believe this is the best way to proceed as I my income will take me into the higher tax bracket.

3. Lastly how many days after your final day does your lump sum come through.


1. http://www.ctp.org.uk/assets/x/51991
2. When it starts being paid.
3. Up to 30 days, but in reality it should be 7-10 days.
4. When you speak to HMRC, make sure they confirm that your personal allowance is only applied to your main income.
5. Enjoy Civvy street.

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