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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by squilverine, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. I have got my insight day at Chepstow coming up on the 27th and wanted some help with a couple of bits, a lot of my mates have said that at 26 i'm a bit old to be joining up, are there many older recruits now the entry age has been put up?

    Also I'm not great with heights, does anyone know if this will be much of a problem during basic?
  2. I joined at 17 1/2. Unless you're joining the paras you'll be fine, if you're fit (physically, not looking)
  3. You'll get over you fear of heights as you'll be facing it head on. I used to cack myself up top of a cargo net but now i'm fine with them. Yes I have done assault courses and confidence courses. No I am not in the Army. :)
  4. You are NOT old at 26, crack on mate, whoever said you are a bit old to be joining up are talking out of their ARRSE and haven't got a clue!

    There are plenty of older recruits in the system
  5. the people who tend to say your too old to join tend to be the people who really dont want you to join, i.e members of your friends and family, well its true in my case anyway.... im 24 and what i tend to get is the "you wont be able to keep up with them 17 year olds" etc etc

    fact is if your physically fit to a half decent standard you wont have many problems i dont think
  6. Further to what has been mentioned above with regard to age, an old colleague of mine didn't join up until he was 24, he was a Sgt by the time he was 29.

    With age comes experience (Hopefully), your age will definately NOT hold you back by any means. :wink:

    It's not a rarity to see recruits going through Phase 1 aged 30 and above now.
  7. Don't worry about it mate, I'm 28 and will be joining the army, so at 26 you are NOT old! Actually, the age limit used to be 26.

    If you can pass all the physical/medical tests then there shouldn't be a problem, go for it! If that is what you want to do!.
  8. Its a myth that you need to be a teenager to cope with the physical stresses of basic training. If you are reasonably fit when you arrive at the depot you will have no problems whatsoever as a 26 year old.
    the hardest part of basic will be living cheek and jowl with a bunch of gobby kids who act the twat under pressure. this will be frustrating until the NCOs have gripped them.

    What do you think is the average age of men passing SAS selection?
    Probably mid/late twenties to early thirties.

    The Foreign Legion used to put forty year olds through basic training and the Israelis called up some reservists in their forties to fight in Lebanon in 1982.

    Fit men who train regularly and aren't slowed down by injuries can remain combat ready right into middle age and in some cases through into their early fifties. They might be slower than the kids over short sprints but have greater physical strength, more endurance and cope better with lack of sleep. They also have greater maturity, mental toughness and better judgement.
  9. I agree with everyone else, at 26 in basic you could be the fittest you'll ever be, go for it
  10. My uncle joined at 28 and never had any probs. They even let him go slower on the run and he got issue slippers and pipe tobacco.

  11. ....lmao :wink:

    Was it the regulation camo ones or the pink ones for the speshes?