A Couple Of Questions

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Zarathustra, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Evenin' all,
    i was wondering if i could take just a few moments of your precious time to ask you fine folks a couple of questions.

    Having been uming and ahing over which regiment to transfer to, i've decided to go for my first choice and transfer to the Royal Signals once i've fullfilled my units operational comitments next year.

    The one thing i haven't realy been able to find out is how are transfer viewed within the corp, either at Blandford or in field units?

    Bit of a random question i know, but i only know a couple of signallers and considering ones my sister and the other her fiance their views are a bit biased.

    Anyway, i'll go back to my cave now and await your replies. (maybe)

  2. When we were at Blandford we had a few people who transfered. I don't recall anybody having a problem with them. I couldn't say what it is like in a unit but a guy I knew in Blandford doesn't seem to have any problems.
  3. No one is really bothered, you get a few jibs about seeing the light etc but pretty much welcomed, and depending on where you are coming from they may make good use of your previous experance.
  4. I know a couple of blokes who transferred from the infantry and are now IS Supvr and YofS respectively so as long as you are up to the job then there will be no complaints apart from the normal banter!!!
  5. I have found that guys transferring across from the inf for example come with a lot of built in street cred soldiering wise, and recieve a lot of respect especially from the younger siggys Welcome young man.
  6. Knew a couple of guys who transferred back in the 80's from the Inf, and one of my mates came across from the RTR. All got on fine, no probs in working units, and, as previous post said, kudos for being ex Inf etc - bring some good skills with them.


  7. Hope you like Wales.
  8. Are you mad:)
  9. F***ing losers!

    Why? That's only one unit - or are we talking DCCIS St Athan...sshhhh?
  10. I transfered from the LI about 5 years ago, had the usual banter and found once i was with the field unit i ended up doing a hell of alot more mill skills stuff than anyone else but no real problems, best choice i ever made.
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  12. ... I know a soldier who put in for a transfer....

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