A couple of questions

I’m currently in my final year at Uni where I've been studying computer science. I’ve decided that I definitely want to join the Army as an officer. After my initial interview I showed interest in joining either the Artillery or the Signals. I have received a date to go to Blandford on a familiarisation visit. I think that it would make the most sense for me to join the Signals, as it would make good use of my degree.

My questions are:

1. What should I expect from the visit? I have a brief description of what it will involve but I’m not exactly sure myself.

2. I’m aware that I will be able to do P Company or the commando course as an officer. What would I gain from this and how would it affect my role in the army? (For example, if I passed P Company, would I become part of or attached to the parachute regiment or would I remain part of the signals?).

Thanks, David
have a look through all the other posts on here that mention officers and Blandford

doing P Coy or the all arms commando course will allow you tours to 16Bde and 3 Commando Bde
you will like these units if you like plenty of operational tours and exercise

hope you enjoy life in green
Watch out buddy, ive arranged these visits before (under the guidance of the boss). They only show you what they want you to see, you already know that so look a little deeper. Dont waste your time talking to the young soldiers, they havent got a clue either, think about it theyve only just joined. And i wouldnt listen to the young officers either, they all think that they are big time heros, and will make every effort to show you how much they can drink and how many men they command. Take it from me fella, half of those monkeys couldnt command a lego ship. The person you want to speak to is the SNCO who arranged the visit, not the officer who meets you at the officers' mess. He will tell you how it is.
And another thing - give some thought to the Royal Engineers, i wish i joined them. They always appear to have things sorted out a lot quicker and better, have a look on their forum and ask the same questions there. Good luck and remember if youre ever my boss you can give me some time off!!
I tried to search yesterday and this morning but I think that the site is playing up again. There are about 3 pages of matches for “Blandford” but only the first page can be viewed! All the rest seem to be empty.

I’ll have so many questions that I need answering when I go on the visit. I have asked my staff sergeant in the TA a few things about it as he used to be in the Signals.

I will have to see about organising some more visits to other regiments that I’m interested in joining. It makes sense not to limit my options.

The training and operations of the commando really appeals to me though.

If you want to be a technicla officer (ie, play with wiggly amps etc) you have to realise that you dont do much of this is the Signals as an Offr, it is generally done by you NCOs (techs/operators etc)

Most of the Lts/Capt in my unit spend thier day doing admin such as work plots, reports, manning plots etc. One of them has a Bsc in IT and admitted she had never used it!

If this is not what you expected try looking at the RAF as their officers always seem to get the good quals in and also generally have a better life..

Dont focus too much - lood around!!!

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