A couple of questions.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Ray_Of_Johno, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi there, am trying to decide which trade/Corps to select, as i am joining up soon.

    The Careers office have asked me to list them 1 to 3 in order of preference.

    I have a fair idea of which ones i am going to choose and have read through the threads here and looked on the army home page and other sources.

    But had a couple of questions with regards to a soldiers career in the Inteligence Corps.

    I know that there probably isn't a typical day, but do you spend alot of time inside at a desk?

    What kind of exercises do you go out on and how often?

    Is there alot of work done in front of computers?

    What are the opportunities for travel like?

    Any information gratefully received
  2. Check out the thread above relating to Int Corps recruitment. There is the odd bullsh!t post, but it should answer some questions that you may have...

    Unless you are here on a wind up. In which case I submit to your mastery and will accept any abuse you throw my way.
  3. Do you spend alot of time inside at a desk? Yes

    What kind of exercises do you go out on and how often? A mixture of int collection and int analysis. There's also some chance of doing a bit of running around a lá the infantry, but I've not seen much of that.

    Is there alot of work done in front of computers? Where do you think I'm typing this from? No seriously, there are a lot of reports to write on lots of different aspects of the Int world.

    What are the opportunities for travel like? I've been to Germany, Denmark, Holland, Iraq, Kuwait and even Scotland. Adventurous Training can go anywhere (try India for example) if you can plan it and get funding you can go! There are of course the 6 month paid vacations to sandy places, nice tan though!
  4. R_O_J,

    You can make your career in the Intelligence Corps as active as you like, but you also have to use your brain hence the time spent at a desk producing Intelligence.

    We go everywhere that the Army goes, and we work in joint (Tri-Service) and multi-national units - our skills are in demand. Our officers and soldiers can qualify as aircrew, Paras and All-Arms Commandos.

    You would be hard pressed with any other cap badge to get the variety of work we enjoy. The adventure training and sports is pretty d*** good too!

  5. and pilots (if you're one in a million ;))

    or two in a million, before anyone makes a fat joke :twisted:
  6. and pilots (if you're one in a million ;))

    or two in a million, before anyone makes a fat joke :twisted: [/quote]

    or in the case of CR won in a raffle!
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Which qualifies you for a lifetime of making 'chopper' jokes but fcuk all else...
  8. *shifts position to accommodate overstuffed wallet*
  9. You know if you take those receipts back into Tesco they'll add the points to your clubcard and you can throw them away?
  10. I think he's still on actuals, but the pay bloke only gets over the hills from Shrewsbury about twice a year .

    ( I don't think they have Tesco there, but I've heard he gets a lot of green stamps from the new Mace supermarket,< it's even got trolleys,look!>)

    back on topic:

    What sort of exercise will I go out on?
    The Muckers Run, Jumping to Conclusions, etc etc

    Is there a lot of work done in front of computers

    In some places there are still traditional items on the 1098, Gnome 35 mm projector, OHP, Adler portable, Gestetner, Chevette estate etc. CR will provide full instruction on these items. < apart from the new word-processor and the Commander's Skeeter, which is on CR's signature as well>

    What are the opportunities for travel like?

    If you don't have a car there is usually transport to take you to and from Torpantau Station. Plenty of other opportunities, you will enjoy these to the full if you remember to apply Naismith's Rule.

    You might get as far as Twickenham if you can drive a minibus.

    PS: don't forget to ask about the language training now!
  11. This is all sage advice you're receiving, but the most important thing to do is to make the sartorial decision which will determine your career path.

    If you invest heavily in North Face gear and expensive Gore-Tex boots, you will become support staff with STRANGE PEOPLE and introduce yourself to senior officers as "Kev".

    If you go to Marks and Spencers and purchase an inexpensive, guaranteed no wrinkle, wash and wear travel suit and pair it with a natty shirt-and-tie-in-a-single box combo and some truly desperate plastic slip on loafers, your destiny lies with a security section.

    If you decide to go all ally, beware, young Jedi. Extensive purchases of DPM accessoires and hugely expensive boots will send you the way of the Field Force, where you will either find yourself morosely sweeping garages in Wales or Germany or getting a lovely sun tan every twelve months or so.

    My advice is to go straight to Huntsman on Saville Row and invest in a number of sensible bespoke suits, one coat to two pairs of trousers being a suit - then away to John Lobb to have your lasts made and then to Herbert Johnson's for a hat or so, for then, my lad, you will have what it takes to attempt to become one of those princes among men - a linguist.

    Ignore the siren calls of such as subbsonic and AF1771, who will attempt to lead you from the strait path of righteousness on to the broad highway to padlock-rattling. Spurn the advances of the class traitor CR, who lives only to see others choose the same Dark Path as he (and suffer the same consequences). Put your faith in the Jedi Masters perevodchik and Fraser, who will see you all right.

  12. From where I am sat the travel opportunities look pretty damn good. 8)
  13. You must travel in order to find the path of true light, get off at Tsim Sha Tsui and ask for Raja Fashions. Such early wisdom will guard you well, only when recieved the benefit of the Eastern Masters should you look further. Later seek out tailoring in the basement of the Prophet of Nottingham, at the east end of Floral Street.

    To venture west is the path to ruin Once in Saville Row you will sign yourself over to the Dark forces for life and an exisitance of debit and perdition.

    At weekends, your skin will assume the properties of tweed, you will be persued reletlessly by a woman called Ophelia wearing a kilt, Gurnsey and pearls.

    When you wake up you will also find you are paying for a VW Tuareg, Horsebox, Pony, hacking jacket, Jhodpur boots, Viola Lessons. Ophelia will insisit that she is your "wife" and Jeremy and Jemmima are something to do with you as well. You are doomed to a new Westbury Homes "townhouse" in Offord Darcy or Cricklade.

    During the week you work in a room with no windows in Lincolnshire, worse Huntingdonshire or Middlesex! You develop a keen interest in Amateur Dramatics or Military Modelling.

    After 22 years you will mysteriously change your name from "Jim" to "James", or from "Dave" to "David" and you may find your surname has become hyphenated. For the rest of your life you will be woken at 3:30 every morning by two terriers that want to be let out for a p1ss.

    You will know you are beyond salvation when you discover you have a Gite as well. In a late attempt to escape, you will be seen in Catto and Carter's in Cirencester. They will recognise you immediately for what you are and will refuse to let you open an account :!:
  14. unless you are ex-REME.

    in which case you will mysteriously change your name from "Jim" to "Susan".