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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dimebag87, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. How do folks :) Hope Ive posted in the right place.

    I am planning on trying to join 3 mercian although im not sure how they will react to my application at the careers office as i have pissed them around once with a application i made two years back that i stupidly didn't follow up. I know the best way is to just suck it n see but i would like an opinion first. Also if i did manage to join would there be the chance of having a crack at p coy a few years in to get my wings?

    Many thanks
  2. Why don't you just join the Parachute Regiment instead of messing about with a different Regiment if your ultimate goal is to hurl yourself out of Planes?
  3. Well i know theirs no rushing with the joining up process, it would take to long for me to get fit(a year probably).So i was intending on joining a regular infantry unit and apply myself to the paras when my fitness is top notch!
  4. Aswell as that it is still infantry so its inline with interests still.
  5. id personally wait it out if you wanted to be airborne infantry, otherwise go for another 16AA job choice.

    im going in as a Ammo tech in july, looking to do p coy after though
  6. I see what your saying mate but the top and tale of it is i need a job pronto lol I love the idea of being an infantry soldier full stop so its all good whatever i join :)Im just very eager to wear those wings one day whatever reg im in! Good luck with your training mate!!
  7. Slim to **** all mate. Para toms are finding it hard enough to get jumps in.
  9. Being realistic...

    1. If you want to parachute and be infantry, join the Parachute Regiment
    2. If you join another infantry regiment the chances of getting on P Coy are slim unless you are attached to 16AA or transfer
    3. Jump courses are still being run subject to airframe availability but a 6 mth wait is not unusual (note that the number of jumps to get your wings has also changed)
    4. If you join another infantry regiment and settle in you are unlikley to want to move on anyway