A couple of questions about afghanistan.......

Firstly, it seems that some battallions go there lots and others (to my knowledge) haven't been at all. Am I right or am I mistaken?

Secondly, could someone explan how we came to be the main force in helmand province and Kandahar how this was decided. Like did the top brass play eenie meeny miynny mo with afghan provinces and we got helmand. Just seems like it's a massive area and we have had a relatively small task force compared to the size of the area. Wouldn't it have been better if the americans had started off with helmand and us Brits were in charge of a smaller provincial area? Which brings me onto my next question....

Is there like taliban in other parts of afghan or are they just pretty much concentrated in the south?

If so as they're causing bother in pakistan, why aren't they kicking off in other parts of afghanistan?

Sorry if this sounds like a lot but am just trying to understand the demographics of it all.......have looked on the web but having difficulty.

Op Herrick ORBAT Should give you an idea of which units have served; with a brief scan read, its seems that the Marines and Para's have done maybe more than their share of the heavy lifting.

Mind you, if you join ones of these units, I'd have to say its expected.
from my limited knowledge, the yanks were in helmand before nato took the reigns and when it was divied up (is that a word) we got helmand. there is probably a more strategic answer as to why. the reason that there is more problems in helmand is due to it being the spiritual homeplace of the taliban. in fact if i'm not mistaken then kandahar is their exact spiritual home. hope this helps

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