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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. NHS: here's the unpleasant truth

    "We all know that the elephant in the room at this general election is the figure 167 – the number of billions of public debt. Ignore the word billion, it clouds the issue. Note that political parties are bandying the figures 6 and 12 as their ostensible debt reduction plan. But if you are super-obese at 167kg shifting 10kg will make no difference to your health prospects. Radical measures are essential, despite protestations that healthcare will be sacrosanct. We have an ageing population, so we must not reduce services provided by people who work "face to patient".

    But we have had 13 years of Labour policy designed to get more people on the public payroll and converted into Labour-voting slaves who have no interest in enhanced efficiency. We have assimilated a quarter of a million extras, literally supernumeraries, within the voluminous tent of the NHS.

    Just outside the tent is the sand into which billions of taxpayers' money soaks without trace. Identification of these individuals is easy; look at the hospital telephone directory, and note how often the following descriptions occur: coordinator, commissioner, facilitator, compliance, liaison, outreach, project, regulator, controller. All of these staff require computers, salaries, paid holidays and final-year pensions. Look too at the Personnel, i.e. "Human Resources" Department. A five- page pro forma to apply for a parking permit? A senior female consultant asked by a 22-year-old clerk to produce her passport in order to identify herself before starting work at a new hospital? This is the reality of modern hospital bureaucracy.

    Ask any experienced consultant whether the employees described above expedite or delay patient care?

    A responsible government must initiate a thorough review of the financial efficiency of the NHS by senior clinicians. The moral responsibility of running the NHS rests with those who know what treatment and care can be provided with the resources determined by ministers. We will accept that responsibility because someone has to lay out in front of society what is being spent in its name. To the current annual bill must be added the cost of the Private Finance Initiative, an enormous confidence trick played on the taxpayer, and the pension expectations of the tens of thousands of NHS staff."


    And society is best served by the Labour version of the NHS? Do me a favour.
  2. er excuse me?
    re the doctor starting at a new job surely proving who you say you are at some point has to be done.
    or does the NHS let anyone with a stethoscope and white coat play doctor.
    It is a pain in the arse waste of time 99.9% of the time
  3. The NHS is the ultimate sacred cow. It's political poison to even think of trimming it.
    The numbers are horrific. It absorbs literally incalculable amounts of money, and yet doesn't appear to function. The only solution offered is to throw more money at it.
    Put simply, although there is a great need for healthcare, it simply doesn't need to be delivered in the way it is. The vast, bloated infrastructure eats away at front end delivery, and actually acts as a brake on its operations. The only thing that prevents efficient delivery of healthcare is ...The NHS.

    To cover the shortfalls, the NHS hires agency staff. At best these are their OWN staff, bought back off duty to do extra shifts, but paid through middle men. At worst, they are unqualified cowboys who kill the patients, and who commute in from Europe. These are paid top dollar for this service.

    It's not sustainable. Neither is the benefits budget. These two tumours are sucking the life out of the economy. Yet no politician in their right mind will reform either. Amusing, isn't it?
  4. Much as I agree with the disgraceful spread of 'managementitis' in the NHS I fail to see what's wrong with requiring someone to prove who they say they are before unleashing them on patients? The respective ages of the consultant and HR bod aren't really relevant.

    Reads to me like a don't-you-know-who-I-am moment.
  5. I find that a laminated badge, which looks official and senior plus a white coat and stethoscope is all you need to infiltrate any NHS hospital...
  6. My sister has been a qualified nurse now for some time now. When she was a student nurse she used to make extra money by going on the nurse bank as an auxilliary and often working in the same ward, just with a different uniform.

    She has just taken over the role of ward manager and was quite shocked when she saw the amount the agencies are paid to provide staff against what the staff actually get.

    She also mentioned that quite often, problems with the language barrier were bordering on dangerous with agency nursing staff when it came to discussing clinical terminology.

    Not a good situation
  7. HAving been in the NHS system for three years I can see that at the pointy end delviery of basic nursing care is none existent.

    Having two business development manager offices on a ward that doesn't have staff willing to wipe old and confused peoples arrses is a fecking disgrace.

    The fact that every one of the administartive feckers is just fecking the dog and protecting their own little role doesn't help

    I watched in amazement, then discussed, with octegenarians on the ward the spectacle of an 18 year old cleaner moving so slowly we thought she was taking the p!ss....

    She genuinley looked like she was in slow motion, or smacked out of her mind.....

    mean while I'm having to point out to the disinterested nurses, (sat round the nursing station dripping to each other while buzzers go off and demented old people scream) that the shit and blood that has been up the back of the bog door and all over the handle has been there for three days....

    In three days one person used one of the alcogel dispensers at the bottom of any beds in an eight bed ward..........I'm suprised the surgeons even bother
  8. Given the sudden reference to quite irrelevant but specific information, one is left with the feeling that the anonymous author is the aforementioned "senior female consultant".

    So, a case of don't-you-know-who-I-am followed by I-write-to-the-press-when-I-don't-get-my-way moment, perhaps.
  9. True. It's a £10k fine for employers who take on staff who are not entitled to work in the UK. If you only ask foreigners for their documentation, you'll get done for racism.

    Other than that, I couldn't agree more with what the doctor is saying.

    My local hospital is turning away cancer patients and heart attack victims because they don't have the resources to treat them.

    Meanwhile, they do have resources for the following:-

    Free copy of Gay News for every patient and visitor.

    Full time diversity manager.

    'Transgender outreach' department staffed entirely by transvestites.

    More outreach workers to hand out free KY and condoms in public toilets used for cottaging.

    Support groups for married men who think they might be gay and their wives.

    Bronze statues of dancing lesbians in the hospital grounds.

    A full time 'complimentary therapist' who claims to be able to treat patients by waving magic crystals over their bodies or by projecting 'healing energies' out of her hands.

    There is a very large broom heading for the NHS and it's due to arrive on 7 May.
  10. The nude female form has been a favourite of sculptors for centuries. Why have they suddenly become 'lesbian'?
  11. The main purpose of the NHS is to provide employment for it's staff of 1.4 million and rising relentlessly.

    It's a bloody joke that a country of 60 Million people has the 3rd largest State employer in the world after the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army - Population 1,300 Million and the Indian State Railways, Population 1,150 Million.
  12. if you rocked up in a white coat, you'd be busted immediately.

    Aim for a badly fitted sports jacket, no tie and an uncoordinated shirt and you'll be on to a winner.
  13. NHS staff 2009

    1,431,996 Grand Total

    of which

    725,579 Professionally qualified clinical staff
    377,617 Support to clinical staff
    236,103 NHS infrastructure support
    364 Other non-medical staff or those with unknown classification
    92,333 Other GP practice staff

    NB. Professionally qualified clinical staff includes:
    140,897 All doctors
    417,164 Total qualified nursing staff
    149,596 Total qualified scientific, therapeutic & technical staff
    17,922 Qualified ambulance staff
  14. Strap-on dildoes and facial hair is a dead giveaway.
  15. I got ushered into the members entrance at the House of Commons wearing just such apparel although with tie. I was appalled, with my looks it should have been the Lords