A Conservative Government anyone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 5, 2006.

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  1. What impact do you think the Conservatives will have on the armed forces if they get into power in the next election. I doubt Blairs fun brigade will be in next time, unless Brown turns things around, however it is unlikely. The torys have always been pretty pro-british and have generally been against cuts and red tape bullshit. I personally like Cameron, I think he's a good guy, but as we all know, things change when they get into power...
    What'd think?
  2. The tories are always strong on management - problem is the forces are about insurance not management.

    A good tory will look after the forces. A weak tory will listen to the tarts in the treasury and stuff the forces.

    All in all though the tories are much better for the forces than the trots.
  3. Unfortunately it's getting late and my minds are on other things but who was Thatcher's Minister of Defence? The one that made hgue cuts right before the Falklands war.

    I think a Tory government would be bad in just about everyway. The way the forces are treated is more down to the individual at the top and the top civilians and military brass, rather than based on overall party policy - I think
  4. Personally I would like them to at least put an ex soldier as defence minister perhaps David Davis. But hopefully they will increase defence funding and get rid across all part of the government this bloody red tape which wastes so much money. I will voting Conservative can't bring myself to vote for anyone else.
  5. Knott - the man was a very clever accountant but a useless Minister of Defence. A treasury tart. But whilst cost cutting in certain areas at the same time the tories were increasing defence spending overall and had just given the services several huge pay rises.
  6. david davies did write this blog


    Have a glance see what you think regarding what mr davies says regarding what he thinks regarding waste and incompetance in the m.o.d.
  7. any party that stops the immigrant fiasco, scrap the agreement to give up our rebate to the EU, does not try to join the Euro, looks after the Armed forces including the cadet movement, scraps the human rights charter including scrapping all apeals against deportation to be applied retrospectively.

    gets my vote
  8. I hear the BNP are after votes.
  9. no thanks
  10. UKIP are the better alternative to the BNP, I just cant bring myself to vote for a one policy party though :?
  11. sorry if i seem to imply that i m voting BNP, the short answer is no, any party that includes the points i mentioned above in addition to mainstream issues i.e. Economics, Housing, Employment, trade, etc the Jobs a responsible govt should be doing which inlcuded ACTUALLY listening to the electorate, the current administration seemed to have failed that
  12. Much as I detest Labour and hate Blur and his gang, I just don't see Cameron as a national leader.
    Grips my sh1t to say the above.
  13. I know, I know, don't feed the troll.

    But this is possibly a genuine mistake. David Davies AM MP is NOT the same man as David Davis MP, Shadow Home Secretary, ex-forces.

    They are both Conservatives - most confusing.