a competition for the UOTCs

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by jash, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. no, we have enough Regimental competitions

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  2. Yes, itd be good to see a cross section

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  1. Scotland and Northern Ireland hold an inter OTC competition each year called Northern lights, that has everything from Mil skills to Scottish/Irish dancing and Rugby to cross country.

    Should there be a UK competition? I ask this because at Minley, lightning strike etc you only meet the Engineers, Signalers from each unit as opposed to seeing a cross section.

    Its just all the recent UOTC banter in here started me thinking
  2. I don't care about the competitions at all. I just want to meet totty from other OTCs. Sorry, I just want to meet other like minded individuals (totty!)
  3. nothing like a shagfest, sorry i mean competition to check out what your missing by not taking your second offer
  4. ^^^^^

    Everything they just said
  5. Jash, that'd be Aberdeen, what am I missing? totty wise like!
  6. missing, missing, aberdeens on the same altitude as moscow, its dark for three months the year its sunny about one week a year, there is sheep on the main street, anything that doesnt have webed feet is considered a catch!

    Actually the birds in the unit arent bad but its a case of far away fields are greener etc, and if you do a bird on a comp weekend you dont have to put up with her afterwards trying to talk to you in the mess :p
  7. Ah sunderland uni.... You aren't missing much from NUOTC
  8. I agree a UK OTC comp would be great.

    Note: Jash, bad form, comments not appreciated (you did try to redeem but not with any success). :x
  9. sorrt et, oh wait ET thats funny :D :D , obviously present company excepted im talking about certain cum buckets :wink: and creatures from the islands :wink:
  10. how about some pictures of these fine OTC fillies? either stick em in the gallery or pass em on to MDN, come on, were the caring sharing community. :wink:
  11. because the OTC fillies might have a fit. And a lot of them aren't anything special.
  12. i dont have a wide angle lens in order to take the photos or some of ours
  13. mingers.com have the majority of ours copywrited.
  14. ah yes formed after the merger with fat-arrse.co.uk and dripping-with-syf.net
  15. Don't want to sound a spoilsport and pi$$ on your chips Jash but if you were trying to recreate Ex. Northern Lights with all of its wide ranging array of events housing all the competitors would be an absolute nightmare logistically....

    Bear in mind Jash that all the Celtic UOTC's took up the whole of Culty.

    Any further suggestions then...?