A Company of Soldiers - TV Documentary 25/7

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trossachs, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. As the US major says ... "Holy Smokes.."

    All the gear, no idea.

    These clowns are dangerous.
  2. They were there and did the time. Best of luck to them. RIP to the fallen.

  3. RIP Spc Babbitt

    Did you see when the officer shot the dog?
  4. A pretty callous action, but perhaps one committed by a man frustrated by the circumstances in which he found himself. The expression made by the Iraqi (I presume the dogs owner) said it all I felt. Even the GIs were astounded by it. Sad to see the animal in such pain. That single action alone would have cost them in the hearts and minds game and set back the good work these blokes were doing with the locals.

    Good programme though. Such a shame that it was broadcast so late in the evening. I would imagine that quite a few people who would have watched it didn't due to this.

    The arrival of Mrs Babbit's letter after the death of her husband was a choker.

  6. Pretty naff statement mate. Just shows the level of your ignorance. I wouldn't have classed any of them as clowns. I might make an exception for the bloke who shot the dog, but as far as I could see they appeared a tight team determined to do what they are paid for and trying to keep each other alive.
  7. "Weapons Loose"!!!!

    A good programme, some shocking tactics! I think they could certainly learn of us!!

    It was horrible when he shot the dog and I agree with Biscuits_AB, it could of cost them alot by that single action!
  9. What was it called, is it going to be repeated?
  10. The US forces have never been very good at the hearts & mind stuff. Just look at Vietnam. Their idea of hearts & minds there was to torch villages.
    Mind you, they are just carrying on with what they did to native Indian villages in the 19th century in the US.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Did you see when they hosed down a civilian car, only for the officer to state 'Oh shit, what do we do now' and then watch the fatally injured civilian wrythe in agony on his back seat, all the while not offering first aid (or even to reduce his pain). Shocking!
  12. AS

    Yes but the TV man did say that the officer had been told by the medic that the man has been fatally wounded & they cant do anything for him, from then didnt they go forward & make a perimiter cordon, & never showed you what else they did.
  13. I flicked this on last night and my missus nearly blew a gasket, so I only saw a coupla minutes, wonder if they will show it again :?
  14. It all took place in 2004 so hopefully they've learned from their mistakes.The one thing that struck me is how emotional they all got,from OC down to PFC.If my subbie had told me he loved us and cried his eye's out I would have wanted a new subbie.I know its emotional when one of your mate's is killed but Brits on the whole don't go in for that amount of emotional outpouring,it must surely put everyone in the wrong frame of mind when you go back out to face the baddies,ie shoot the dog.When do you see brits having a group prayer before you hit the streets,to emotional and to religious is how I felt after watching it.