A Company 52nd Lowland Infantry (Edinburgh)

Is anyone on here a member of this T.A Centre
I have just passed my barb test on tuesday night, i got 62 which im told is good.

I am just wanting to know as i am joining this centre and am looking for a couple of opinions on how it is and how you found your RSW etc

any replies much appreciated
I can not speak for A company by its self however I am a Member of 6 SCOTS (the new name for 52 Lowland). RSW? I have never heard of that term before it might be a new one but im guessing you mean Recurit Selection Weekends/Wing?

Well you will, as all recruits, be requierd to attend phase one training now this depends on the road you are going down, if you are doing exercise summer challenge then you will turn up and go to inverness for 7 weeks and you will come out the factory both phase 1 & 2 qualified.

However you might be doing the weekends? in which case I belive you will go on nine weekends at the Regional Training Center (RTC) at Redford which is in Edinburgh. After these weekends and assuming you pass them you will then be sent to the Infantry Training Center (ITC) in Catterik to do your Combat Infantry Mans Course, (CIC, is it any wonder i cant think of what RSW means).

As to what the different personalities are like in your company it depends which platoon you are in as A coy has the Anti-Tank, Machine Gun and a Rifle platoon at different locations. I hope this has answerd your question if you have any more please feel free to PM me or post.
Cheers for reply, i am joining the infantry platoon based in north edinburgh

I still have to do my recruit selection weekend which happens before i do my oath etc
From reading up on here i have gained a bit more knowledge about what to expect etc and where i should be continuing my personal training

What section of 6 Scots are you with?

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