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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scarletto, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Amazing a thread about a IRA supporter on Arrse is in the arrse hole, which is labelled as the above, so when ex and serving forces decide they dont like the idea of KevinB on here, thats what there complaints get labelled as, irrelevant dull or annoying.

    I actually find that pretty shite, annoying to fecking who? the IRA :x irrelevant to whom again the IRA, if i went onto a pro-IRA site and went wish we had killed more of you (which i do wish) id be booted before the bandwith is dry.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't I see a post stating he was leaving under advice from a MOD?
    I actually thought you had compiled a list of Svens postings :D
  3. I posted this in the BAtcave but since another thread on the subject has been opened I'll add to it.

    He managed to display blatant double standards in us. Its ok for us to wish him a slow and painful death and threaten him with blow torches etc, then we bite when he said he supports the opposition.

    I think some of our members should become football hooligans, it seems to be right up some of their alleys.

    Creosote shouldn't have locked that thread and it should have been allowed to run its course IMO

    I imagine KevinB is a 21 yr old student with opinions based on zero life experience. Yet he's managed to make utter cnuts out of a few, and got the banwagon fired up and exposed a lot of mouths who have probably never been to Northern Ireland.

    Blondebint, Chubb, Chibber and all the other trolls added nothing and had no purpose here. KevinB was a reasonable insight to how someone who backs the wrong horse thinks, much as I dislike his views and opinions, I'd like to have known the reasoning behind it, he also conducted himself maturely and reasonably, not resorting to vitriol like some of the pr1cks out there.

    Words on a screen........ just because I read it and learn doesn't mean I support them or defend them. Same as I'm not backing Lenny Murphy or Michael Stone when I read their books or the books about them.

    Disappointed and embarrassed and the upper hand is well and truly given to a spotty turd who's probably spent less time in Northern Ireland than Wooperts biff chit
  4. With respect MDN, the only way Kevin might think he has had the last laugh laugh is because you, a Mod, spent half a ton of bandwidth supporting his right to be here. If you had felt the same way as the rest of us, Kevin would have seen a wall of implacable hostility and would have sodded off pdq.
  5. You reckon?

    It was a while before I stepped in and posted my thoughts...... And he was very much still here and not fuelling your fire by responding at many of the posters levels.

    Is my opinion not valid because it differs from yours? Are you concerned about the bandwidth used?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    For the love of cream cheese MDN - what's happened to you? All this sensible bowlarks just doesn't fit you profile.

    And another thing why the feck aren't you playing Travian? We need your originality when speaking to opfor! :D
  7. And so the farce continues.....

    It's obvious the powers that be feel it is of more importance to keep him visible to keep an eye on his doings than to tag him as provo-scum (not a dig at MDN or any other mod or particular). Their train set etc. etc.

    I'm disappointed in this approach because I believe (yeah, yeah, you've heard it all before) that other members on here, those that have shed their blood, lost friends and family and who do not know of the farce around this creature, desever the right NOT to fall into a 'rational' discussion and debate with this creature and to later find out who and what he alledges to be.

    Now that scenario may not actually cause offence to any of the upteen thousand of members who fall into the catacories of people who have shed their blood, lost friends and family should they come across KevB.

    But if it causes offence to just ONE, then the powers of be have let that individual down. And that is something I would find saddening and should be viewed as shamful.

    And to those that say not many have aired their support for tagging him because of the reason I've given above, I take the Napoleon view that if you're not against me, your with me, rather than the Cesaerian approach that if you're not with me, you're against me!
  8. And what about those, whom are in the majority and haven't risen or bitten don't give a fcuk?

    Who exactly are you crying out for with these sickly rants about our fallen????

    Real life victims and families of victims are not bothered one iota about what a dilluded tool writes on the internet.

    Can you cut and paste the posts that offended you so much...... anyone?
  9. There's an awful lot of Mods who don't seem to be backing you up either.
  10. Yep, they opted not to bite at the braying crowd, I couldn't bite my lip.

    The site had on average 6000 clicks an hour yesterday but 13 decided it was necassary to keep driving the same point home over and over and over again. The remainder either opted to download the ignore facility, or chose not to read if they were offended or just got on with it like adults.

    It was a discussion in the batcave along with a dozen others.

    Anysign of the posts that offended yet?
  11. It's what he has done in the past, rather than how well he writes on the internet that is the issue, but that's just me, I'm funny like that.

    As for the number of 'clicks', show me any thread that has more than a dozen posters at any one time. And you know as well as I do, most people who read Arrse never post at all. If you still think yours in the majority view, put up a poll and let's see if the rest of the site are happy with IRA members being treated as equals by the management of the British Army Rumour Service.
  12. Where did he say he was a member of the IRA?

    Do you have any proof he was a member of the IRA?

    Who said he was treated as an equal? Do you think you are over reacting just a little bit?

    Purely out of interest, and not aimed as a dig....... Have you ever served in the British Armed Forces?

    Any chance of those posts he made that were so offensive be cut and paste, despite asking repeatedly over the past 24 hrs they seem to have been ignored.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It didn't take even me very long to realise he was a cnut and not worth replying to, so I didn't and got on with enjoying other posts. It's exactly the same as shite on TV, if I don't like it I turn over or turn it off, I don't then go and whinge that some crap was on BBC2 that I didn't like.

    Theres cnuts in the world and some of them come on here, its been like that since the beginning, deal with it.

    Soldiers today eh tsk tsk. :twisted:
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    8) Did I miss something? Oh yeah KevinB, lives in a democracy has the right to freedom of speech (paid for in the blood of others) but still thats the price thats paid. Freedom of speech for all not just some. So he gets to spout whatever garbage he wants.

    Anyone rising to the bait, well thats your own fault for letting him get to you.

    As for booting him off the board why bother if he wants to come back he'll just sign up with a different account. If his drivel offends you then don't read it, don't add to his posts and crack on with other stuff.
  15. He says he was a 'soldier' in the Irish Republican Movement. If that's not an admission, I don't know what is.

    He is being treated as an equal by the management. If you disagree, show me how.

    Have I ever served in the British Armed Forces? Cheap shot. I had the bad luck to arrive just as the Blonde lunatic was hiding in the wings and I was suspected of being her. I subsequently had to jump through hoops, send photographs, my life history and my daughters left arm to prove I wasn't her, so yes, I have served, thank you.