A Cold War - Front Line Ops in Bosnia 1995/6

Brigadier Ben Barry's account of how the British army changed overnight from UN peace keepers to NATO peace enforcers and how they forced the warring factions to comply with the Dayton Peace Accord. Ben was the CO of the 2nd Bn Light Infantry and tells the story through his own words and with comments and anecdotes from his men.

I read Bob Stewarts Broken Lives about the early days of the Bosnian civil war and I found A Cold War a perfect companion. Reading both shows that the UN was just treading water and the intervention of NATO was the deciding factor, but they also show that the British soldier, obstructed by the UN ROE became the best tool for the job when the gloves finally came off.




Bendy Barry, used to be my bns IO!
BayonetPinCushion said:
Reading shows that the UN was just treading water
Moot point. General Rose's book shows that the UN was achieving some real headway against a mixed relationship with NATO. Then US Forn Policy changed and NATO decided to get dirty boots as well as burn avgas.

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