A Clutch of Arrseholes

After many months and years, spanning many drinking sessions and numerous outings, I have come to the conclusion that three of my dear friends are utter, utter, arseholes. As such I wish to violently cut them from my life forthwith or at least deliver considerable pain to all concerned. Unfortunately I have arranged for my Regiment team to travel many miles to play in a rugger tourney next Saturday. The three mentioned arrse chunks are vital members in a team I have arranged to play against us. As such I must be nice to them and cajole them until next Saturday, the day of the Tourney. As my blood boils at the moment Saturday seems a long way off. I shall destroy them utterly offering long term cruciate problems and facial disfiguration. Fukcers.

(Edited due to rage induced spelling)
You can be nice yet be horrible. They annoy you then tell them. Don't mean they can't play does it? Failing that jsut deck them all.
Tut Tut salad, spasticated fool. Stop humping your daddy and get over your stupid self. B1tching like a clubbed foot freak.
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