A classic story of boy meets, girl. Girl Becomes a psycho



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I had to save it and then zoom in but it's well worth it. Although I'd love to see what a tattoo of a "flying tortuous" looks like, it sounds mega.


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I saved it and zoomed in.

Basic rundown so you don't have to bother:

Bird and bloke have been seeing eachother for a week. Bird wants to get a tat, bloke agrees to buy it for her as a present. They choose a turtle with wings for some reason. She decides to nish the turtle idea and get a massive tat of the bloke's grid on her bicep. Bloke freaks out, realises she's a mental and ditches her. She cries.

That's it.
Crikey, crazy Canuks.

(Just save the image and expand it. Ooops, far too slow.)
Thanks Ravers.
Her next tattoo perhaps?

I would to help with this young lady's problems she needs a shoulder to cry on and an old cock to suck contact numbers any where please.
Perhaps she could be passed around ARRSE
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