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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, this is work in progress and may take a few minutes to read, but please do and let me know your comments,



    We are an Island nation, we rely on imports for food, oil, gas and other manufactured goods, though it could be argued that there is little or no threat to our security within our home waters there is a strong threat within the Middle Eastern and Asian areas, India is expanding its Navy along with China and Russia and though this at present is of no threat, and hopefully with co-operation and joint exercises never will be, there is always the chance of a change in circumstances.

    Traditionally the USA and the UK have been able to place their navies around the world to police the world’s oceans, and when in the past the former USSR has put its navy to sea the USA felt the need to either put their navy to sea or at least put them on high alert. So picture the scenario where the Chinese develops a blue water navy and places a carrier fleet in the mid to north Atlantic, if cuts in our navy continues or the CVF’s are not build, how would we counter that threat if it ever were to be a hostile or at least a provocative stance.

    “Its clear that Britain’s ability to act independently with a major naval force – as she did in the Falklands in 1982 and surely will have to do again as crises points in the future – has almost disappeared, ship by ship and squadron by squadron in the past 25yrs”

    “How has this happened? Both Britain and the United States have rich maritime pasts, dramatic histories that unequivocally demonstrate the critical role navies play in national security and prosperity. The problem is that those histories and the lessons learned that relate to our lives and times are being ignored”

    Afghanistan will be an issue I feel for a number of yrs to come and though Iraq is coming to a close over the next 18 months there are bound to be other minor threats and issues to deal with over the next decade or so, Zimbabwe and North Korea could be issues we will end up getting involved in a humanitarian way if not in a conflict way.

    The need for strong and adaptable armed forces is as important as it has ever been and not looking medium to long term will be disastrous for this country and will only cost us in the long term. I feel that it is time for politicians to stand up and defend the armed forces budget and an increase in it, they seem ready to defend and talk about education and Health and welfare but have in the past seemed reluctant to talk about the armed forces, yet they and the government seem ready and willing to send our troops in to harms way on a shoe string budget and let them get killed, wars will always bring casualties and I think most people understand that, but what is becoming clear is that the general public are not willing to accept casualties from lack of funding and the correct equipment.

    Thankfully recent events have shown that the public do care, and without the support of this Government has raised a considerable amount of money for Headley Court the forces rehabilitation centre in Surrey. The Target is £6 million and so far thanks to some of the tabloid news papers and Help for heroes a charity set up to help injured troops they have managed to raise £5 million.

    Attitudes are changing and I feel will continue to change over the months to come; pressure will grow further on this government to increase the budget and publicly support the forces. The next stage I feel will be more support for the home comings of the fallen, at present it is a very private affair and compared to the standards of the Canadians, is shameful. Councils have a lot to play in this, along with the police forces of this country, closing roads is not hard, and I’m sure people will understand when they know why they are being held up, you only have to look at remembrance day to see how the public feels towards the fallen.

    With this in mind, I believe that the following is very important and should be considered as a must for the Royal Air Force and the Navy in the Medium to Long tem.

    • CVF’s x 2

    • 3 Replacements for Invincible class carriers (to be used similar to the
    USMC for the Royal marines with a mix of Harrier/JSF and Helio’s)

    • Albion Class x 3

    • Replacement for Nimrod (completely new design or modify to existing
    design and re-start the production line)

    • Bomber for RAF, possibly part of Nimrod replacement

    • Tanker and Transport Aircraft replacement

    More heavy lift helicopters for Army and RAF

    • Typhoons (A return to the original commitment made)

    • Frigates (No further losses, and the need for 6 to 8 more hulls and
    develop a new design for the coming years)

    • Destroyers (12 not the current 6 on order)

    • RFA new ships

    • Improved accommodation for the armed forces, especially the army

    • Increased size of the army from 38 battalions to minimum 42

    • Review levels of the T.A and their training
  2. You do know the country is skint now, the government will be lucky to scrape enough together to give to the banks and railway companies to guarantee their profits this year.
  3. Manning would be the main problem, provided you could doble the defense budget to pay for that lot. It seems a reasonable list otherwise. Is this about to become a Ph.D, a Kings college dissertation, etc?
  4. I do, however, if you ran a business this way, you would have been fired and the company prob gone bust, so its about time we started having more accountability from this government, it has started with the mp's expenses just need to carry it on with challenging public spending,

  5. No I would like to do an article for Navy news, UKNDA that sort of thing, still have a mountain to climb with my lack of knowledge about the armed forces, having never served, but i'm getting there,
  6. CVF is the replacement for CVS. :roll:

    I already asked you before on a different thread but you never responded so I'll ask again.

    On what expertise are you basing these requirements or have you plucked these figures out of thin air?
  7. We're not skint. We're nowhere near skint. A cynical military man might say, however, that it suits the Government to allow that particular illusion to persist in order to avoid engaging in two conflicts properly. Perish the thought...
  8. All good points but as has been said if we as a country won the lottery every week for 10 years we would not be able to afford these things. If we could we can not fill our present slots how would we man all these changes.

    At the end of the day you must have the political will and as has been shown by recent events the government will say all the right things then go ahead and make all the wrong choices. the only thing we can guarantee is more cuts.
  9. with regards to the CVS, this I have to admit is my own idea, and are an addition to the CVF's last year if memory serves me correctly Lusty had the USMC on board as part of joint exercises, the USMC were very impressed with the Lusty, she also accomadated some European partners with their harries, so my thinking and perhaps nieve at present it to have the CVF's and CVs' running seperate rolls, so I am happy to be corrected with sensible arguement other than just the cost, though I accept that is a major reason for not having them
  10. :?
  11. Real world calling there is no sensible argument without cost it is all about cost, you are naive if you think you can just write down 1 of this 2 of that it is all about cost,

  12. UK PLC is pretty much skint, we are borowing more and bringing in less each year.

    As for the Invincible Class replacements, he might be going on about getting another couple of Amphibious Assault Crafts to give us more flexibility with HMS Ocean being the only one of its class we have. Bulwark and Albion can't really do the same role that Ocean can so it would be nice to have another one, especially since it was sat in Devonport the last time i was down, and won't be back until later this year.
  13. i.e I believe it will be another 18 months before we are fully out of Iraq, we would like to think we will be pulled out of the country before, however can't see it, (again I'm happy to be corrected on this)
  14. Exactly what I mean, thankyou, the only reason I said replacement was because in the article in the navy news, the americans had commented in the takeoff ramp and how that enabled them to fly their harriers with greater fuel and bomb load which they were not able to do on their decks.
  15. Any particular reason you think we will be out within 18 months?