A civvie to Military email address dilemma

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by MyUserNameSucks, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Hope someone can help with this one.

    I want to send an email to a Military email address from my civilian one.

    As an example lets say that the Mil email address is:


    Is it correct that I should replace the .r.mil.uk with .mod.uk

    thereby making the email address now read as: bigfattrogg@drlc.mod.uk

    I have been told that by changing the end of the email address in the above manner will enable receipt to the Mil email address from a civvie one.

    Failing an answer to the above, can I send an email to the original bigfattrogg@drlc.r.mil.uk email address through my ArmyNet email address on a civvie computer?

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

  2. Answer yes to your last question.
  3. Can you not just redirect from one to the other i.e. send to .mil but automatically transfer set to .mod I did it with my MOD straight to my hotmail
  4. Quite often as well as 'SO5drlc@r.mil.uk the also have 'johndoe456@mod.uk, ask them to see if they have one of these as well
  5. With my DII account, I needed a CGS account (to allow external access from INTRAnet to INTERnet)

    Once I had that, I just emailed my civvy account, any future emails from civ to mil I just select the 'reply' option, easy!
  6. You've been misinformed. If the person in question has an SMTP address of fatarrse@up.your.hoop.r.mil.uk then an email to this address will work.

    As previously stated some people have 2 (or sometimes 3) SMTP address.



    No need to change the email address. The person in question should be able to see his SMTP address(s) in the GAL properties and tell you the address to send to, assuming he/she has an IGS account
  7. To add:

    It doesn't matter if you send to the Primary, or any secondary SMTP addresses with that email account, as he/she should still receive the mail.
  8. Thanks for the replies.