A "Chin Stock"???

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by JoeCivvie, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. No shoulder needed? Where's the arm (that has the hand with the trigger finger then) connected to, then? :p I'll admit I haven't read the article (barely skimmed through), but it seems like the answer to a question no ones asked before.
  2. Excellent news for the practicing dentist.
  3. It's a neat little thing for legal reasons. Keeps a "pistol" a "pistol" rather than a short-barrelled rifle which needs ATF paperwork & can't easily be transferred without more ATF paperwork.

    So it serves a valid purpose in the US.
  4. There is a video knocking about of a small Singaporean doris firing an Ultimax on full auto with the butt resting against her nose to demonstrate the lack of recoil. Perhaps they got the idea from there?
  5. As useful as a combination folding canoe and can-opener.

  6. To be serious for a second . With a barrel that short and a relativly low velocity round it's hardly going to scare much at any range you would want a rifle or even a carbine. Wh risk what few fangs I have left?
  7. I would like to see someone invest in something like this for a .700 nitro express, then watch it appear on ebay "only used once".
  8. Trouble with "rifle-style pistols" built off the AR platform is that you have the small matter of the recoil buffer spring tube sticking out the arsse end to deal with.

    But something like that does look like a stunning bad idea, unless you are a dentist or more likely a maxillofacial surgeon in the longer term
  9. She wasn't Singaporean. It was actually Barbra Streisand but they didn't show the beginning of the clip.
  10. At least that fuckin* thread on wellies seems to have died the death at last....

  11. 'chin gun' ffs. they will be sticking them them on helmets next....