A chilling dispatch from Afghanistan: We cant win

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. A chilling dispatch from Afghanistan: It's a war that CAN'T be won
    By DAVID JONES - More by this author »

    Last updated at 22:19pm on 22nd February 2008

    The two dogs didn't seem to want to fight at all. When the green tarpaulin that separated them fell - the signal for battle to commence - they gave one another a friendly lick and engaged in some playful sparring.

    Gathered in a scenic natural amphitheatre in the snow-clad foothills of Kabul, however, the crowd of some 3,000 Afghan men were incensed at this 'cowardly' display.

    They showed their disapproval by jeering and hurling great slabs of ice at the beautiful Asian breeds, whose ears had been lopped off to stop them being chewed, and whose luxuriant fur had been daubed with purple-and-gold paint to make them appear more ferocious.

    So, after being prodded and cajoled by their owners, these most reluctant warriors were forced to join battle. For ten stomach-churning minutes the blood and spittle flew as they bit and clawed at one another with terrifying ferocity, spattering the slushy ring with crimson.

    It was only when one yelped so shrilly that his cries echoed around the mountains that the judge - a ghoulish figure in muddy white robes with a chest-length grey beard - brandished his whip to call a halt to the carnage.

    Watching this Friday morning Afghan "sport" (a popular prequel to noon-day prayers) at the behest of my interpreter - an enthusiast who thought it would be rather like attending a British football match - I began to wonder what sort of people our soldiers were fighting and dying for.
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  2. Another defeatist Jurno.
    If our troops receive the necessary 'Support' from HM and other governments
    I am sure they will not be defeated in the field.
    As in NI the government will give up before the troops.
  3. Did the great slabs of ice have secret doggy script etched onto it?
    You're making it up as you go along.
  4. Need to win the shooty bit and the non-shooty bit.

    From what I've read, NGOs, the UN and guppymint foreign aid types are part of the problem in a COIN situation, not part of the solution. In Iraq now a lot (most?) of the reconstruction money seems to flow through the US forces instead--much better imo.
  5. We wont win unless we get our act together and very quickly make significant inroads into the reconstruction and security issues. If this is really essential to the security of Europe then we should set about it in a united and determined fashion in order to prevail. I regret I don't see this at the moment.
  6. Our soldiers are fighting for the people who live on our islands, of course. It's just always more convenient to fight in someone else's back yard, than your own.

    And if the locals watch dogfighting or support Milwall, that's not really why we invaded, is it? The journo had probably decided we'd lost before he left London, and was rushing around for info to back up his thesis. We used to call it, 'situating the appreciation'. :roll:
  7. We won't win in Afganistan, no one has ever won in Afghanistan except when we had an Empire.

    The irony is we helped teach the Taliban how to fight the Russians and now they fight us.
  8. So they like dog fighting? Much as I abhor the "sport", we will win in Afghanistan.
  9. I disagree, the British Soldier could win, but Gordon and his cronies won't let him. Gordon won't ever give the British Soldier the support thats needed. Gordon knows it's cheaper to let the British Soldier die rather than spend money on giving him the needed equipment.
  10. the boots on the ground have not lost, its the politicos that have lost, but they would rather sacrifice soldiers to hide there own failings
  11. In both Afganistan and Iraq we, the Armed Forces, won the war a long time ago. Ever since then our politicians have been losing the peace.

    This is because an Army cannot win the peace. It takes political will and a lot of cold hard cash for reconstruction to do that.
  12. Good words.

    Another good point.

    Whats the point of winning,if the Politicians cant do anything positive afterwards,all we are doing is damping down a fire,then whilst waiting for a fire brigade to put it out,having to watch the arsonist start the fire up again.

    They had their chances,but as usual spent to much time back slapping,before acting
  13. Couldn’t agree more, In both Iraq and Afghan we defeated and met the military objectives within months of each campaign but will have to continue to fight battles for the next millennium, as the enemy in both areas will never give up, and politically we will stay on to the detriment of ourselves ...................and who is waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of our distraction in the future?
  14. A few good men and women every six months doing their best with inadequate funding and little or no support from the public in a completely lawless narco-state....with half (if not more) of our allies unwilling to engage the enemy (if you want to see our allies go to the Market at Camp Souter).....please tell me how you are going to win the shooty bit.

    But please do not get me wrong I have been twice and have volunteered again......but as in Iraq our Government has not the stomach for the long haul
  15. Dante, thats the point though, to use an American term, after the Surge everything which had been won was lost, because Governments couldnt act either because they were crowing how 'they' won it or because they couldnt have a plan unless it was in triplicate and signed on a Thursday in May.

    Now its a case of every 6 months troops trying to re-win something thats been lost and unwinable.