A Chelsea thread for your pleasure.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Yes_Sir!, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Jose Mourinho has criticized Uefa's seeding system as Chelsea find themselves in the second pot for Thursday's much-awaited UEFA Champions League draw.

    Quoted from Sky Sports

    Does he ever stop complaining, moaning or making excuses??

    Ho Ho Ho
  2. Nope but does he ever stop winning the League ?
  3. About time we had a purely Chelsea thread.As a gooner I will enjoy dropping my comments on here just like DS and Wedgy do on the Arsenal thread.

    Jose,what a fella.Everybody and everything is against his team,bit like we had for many years as did the manure.
  4. My Bold.

    Does he or money win the league???

    One to ponder I think????

  5. You want to win the league again mate then you need to be beating the likes of us don't you? Lampard was crap last night and you're players were not strong on the tackle - not even John Terry who I admire as a real great!!

    Cutsy - Boro fan
  6. I watched the game last night chelsea were a bunch of diving, cheating overpaid under performing barstewards

    Boro were great never stopped fighting and really deserved the win
  7. Not quite how I'd put it but fair one point taken
  8. My Bold.

    They played their normal flowing football then?
  9. Chelsea drawn in Barcelonas Group. Is there a sript here?????
  10. Friggin Barca AGAIN!!!!! Conspiracy I tell ya!!
    As for Jose moaning, he is just following Fergies and Arsens lead thats all.

    YS, did Jose have money at Porto???By the way, still waiting for my royalty cheque for the sig
  11. My Bold.

    No probably not, dont care. Did Rafa have money this season or last season to win what he/they won?

    You will get the cheque when you are in first place in the ARRSE league. Oh sorry, it must be me in first place.

    Its in the post!!!!
  12. YS, yes he did have money - Bellamy and half of Northern Spain didnt just appear of their own free will did they
  13. No quite right, however without working it out........

    30m for Andrej Shevchenko (yes 1 Player), Bellamy and half of Northern Spain add up to how much????
  14. Everyone spends money, its just that we spend more...Sheva was same price as Utd payed for Rooney, and same price they paid for Ferdinand. Bargin Id say

    Banter, goto love it :D
  15. My Bold.

    And win 2 titles and a league cup (and still get 2nd seeded in Euro Cup)

    As for Banter its ace.

    Lets look for an Accrington Stanley supporter to banter with!!!!!