A Charity needs your help.

Dear All,

We are currently setting up a charitable trust which aims to create a world class heritage and education centre at one of Britain’s greatest Military heritage sites. Our main aim is to educate visitors through immersive interaction, about life in the Army from 1800 to the present day.

We need advice on how to change our Society from a pressure group over to a registered charity. We want to launch several exciting fundraising projects and have gained support from notable people in military history, heritage and the British Army. We also have the support from local MP’s and Councillors.

What we need now is sound advice and guidance. We’re up against some tough situations, the main one being wrestling the land off Defence Estates which are redeveloping the whole area.

We need to find a Real Estate adviser, Legal adviser on Trusts and an Accountant to set up the trust and it’s trading company.

As chairman I have funded this group for over 5 years and now not able to invest anything more than my time, so all work would need to be Pro Bono and voluntary.

This project needs to raise over £6 million over the next few years and it will involve dealing with the DE, T Mobile and a sitting occupier. All of these points are tough, but not insurmountable as we have positive movement already in the right direction.

I you feel you can help us with advice or you know someone who can please contact me directly chris.shaw@shornclifferedoubt.com

If you're the sort of person who believes our Military Heritage has been marginalised and neglected over the years, here is the chance to make your mark , play your part in a success story and help us create a positive legacy for those fallen hero's over the centuries.

Best wishes

Christopher Shaw
Do you have web site or source for further information? Your idea sounds good,but I would like to know more.
Yes we have and our main aim has changed. Our website is SRPS - Front page

Shorncliffe was also featured on Time Team, which might be on You Tube.

Shorncliffe was the birthplace of the Rifles, the Light Infantry and the modern British Army under the legendary Sir John Moore. During the First World War it was the gateway to the Trenches as it's cemetery testifies to.

This project has so much potential and I want it to be world class. I am trying to nail the PM to his promise of "Big Society" projects to make this the show piece example of how it should be done.

But first it needs to be set up perfectly - I don't want to great a white elephant like so many other projects.

Best wishes,


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