A Change of Heart Towards the Unemployed ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Up until the last few months there was a outcry over the unemployed and the benefits culture in this country, while typically being stereotyped as lazy good for nothing layabouts ect, ect.

    Now that this mega recession crises has started to bite us on the arrse resulting in thousands being made unemployed, i have noticed that the war on dole claimants has all gone quiet, reinforced by the government announcing that all benefit claimants can now keep the 5.2% pay increase (measured using the September consumer prices index) while most workers will get **** all increase next year.

    The question is ..... Has society had a change of heart regarding the nations unemployed now that some of the very critics of benefit claimants have now themselves become victim to it?
  2. The unemployed sector contains a large quantity of potential voters who need to be paid.
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  3. I think it's incorrect to state society had a problem with 'unemployed' - meaning ALL unemployed. The problem was, and still is with the people who choose unemployment and use the state as a hammock instead of a safety net.
    The problem now is - thousands of poor buggers are newly on the dole, after having spent most or all of their lives in employment but are missing out on many benefits because they don't realise they are entitled / don't know what wording to use on forms etc. The ones who have lived a life on benefits are 6th dan black belt ninjas when it comes to their entitlements.

    The above is based on what my missus often mentions and she works for the DWP.

    There are quite clearly different classes of 'unemployed'. People in one of those classes though deserve nothing but contempt and should be gassed - or at the very least have a drop of chlorine put in their gene pool.
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  4. Even if I was on the dole I would still want to change it.

    Why? Because the current system rewards people for doing nothing and stagnating. It rots them. In some cases it actively discourages the recipient from doing anything even for a meagre salary due to the resulting loss of earnings.
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  5. Newsnight, as I assume it is to their segment to which you refer, just have a problem comprehending, or perhaps just accepting that the electorate have a more nuanced and intelligent view of the proper role of government and social insurance than the professional lefties in their office or the soundbite writers at Labour HQ.
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  6. Income support and jobseakers allowance are 2 different creatures, ALL they provide is subsistance for single people and slightyly elevated subsistance for families. It does NOT reward for doing **** all, instead of picking on dole how about the wage jump for working people being a little bigger? Or a sliding scale of benefits for those who wish to work but can't live on minimum wage?
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  7. It's good for a Tory govt to have a healthy number unemployed as the workers will be fearful. It means they can change working conditions and people are more likely to just accept it.
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  8. Those knocking those on benefit and shouting for them to be reduced and made intolerable had better hope that once they succeed they are not the first to be hit if suddenly thrust onto them.
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  9. Bottom line is that benefits claimants are, like it or not, paid by the public sector, and should be subject to the same 0% or 1% payrise as the rest of us. That they get an in-line with inflation "pay rise" is just plain wrong and proves that it doesnt matter who you vote for, all of the mainstream political parties are, ultimately, socialists.

    It makes me laugh when the "anti-capitalists" start gobbing off. I cant think of a capitalist country in Europe and I wouldnt even say the USA today was anything other than slightly less socialist.

    When will these idiots realise it is not capitalism that has our economies screwed but socialism. You only have to look where all of our money goes to see the truth in that.
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  10. Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    But look at it from the Governments POV. Who spends most of their money on pointless tat and will help 'boost' the economy? Yup, that's right, Chavphone Warehouse, Currys and PC world will be getting a 5.2% boost courtesy of the taxpayer.
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  14. No we don't the argument doesn't hold water, it's NOT paid for by the public sector, it's paid for by all tax payers, private sector workers do pay tax you know. How many squaddies piss and moan about the taxman having their wages?
  15. If they don't get 5.2% they'll go on strike.