A chance to tell the PM what you think of him and his govt

I think the only question to ask that man is the most important and difficult one I've ever had to deal with:

If you could bang the 3 birds in the Corrs but had to get humped by the bloke..would you?

A good question and I wouldn't engage that t0sser in serious conversation or debate.

PS. (I would)
I didnt say that I'd enjoy it!!! although I'd definately get stuck into the 3 sisters once I was able to walk again.

Back to the thread, I'd like to ask him if he felt any guilt about David Kellys 'suicide', now that it's public knowledge that he was right about the sexed up 45 minute claim?
A question for TCB

"Most weeks at Prime Minister's Question Time you spend an increasing proportion of the time asking questions of Michael Howard. Does this mean you think he is Prime Minister?."

Even the Speaker has tumbled to this 'tactic', and its lack of respect for Parliament. Up 'til now 'Gorbals Mick' has not done enough - hopefully this will change as the hour draws ever nearer.

However, I expect the C5 questions to be along the line of "Tony, which was the first CD you ever bought?".
Howsabout asking him:

"If sensible Tory policy suggestions are always 'right wing reactionism', 'racist', 'unworkable', 'unthinkable' or 'unfair', why do you slavishly copy them almost verbatim a week later?"
How about "Dear Prime Minister, or Tony, when you said 'We are prepared to pay the blood price', did you really mean it? If you did then I'm sure I can put you in contact with a large number of heavily armed men who will oblige" :twisted:

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