A chance to stitch for a good cause

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. For the begging bowl and the current 'Help them out' thread Flowers and .Dolly are taking a trip up Hellvelyn including Striding edge.

    I'll check with Sgt Slinsby to see if available, but for an amount they have agreed to take items to the top and have them photographed.

    They are carrying 35 ltr bergans and apart from water, tampons and a space blanket the remainder can be filled with any old sh1te you can think of.

    I'll start of with 25 quid for a pair of 4" stiletto heels worn at the summit..... provided the owners feet don't look like trotters.

    Might be a tall order, but I'll also pay 100 quid for an ironing board and iron pictured at the top
  2. Not entirely sure yet what we're letting ourselves in for, but I'm game so come on all, do your worst :D

    The God-dog is coming as adjudicator but is also open to requests in the good name of ARRSE Aid.

    I'm grinning like a loon and sorely tempted by the challenge of the ironing board, will look into that. Could be handy as a sledge if there's snow... could also be lethal in high winds on the ridge. How about just the iron?

    Stilettos? Consider it done, mit stockings as sweaty hiking socks might spoil (or heighen?) the image. :D
  3. OK sack the ironing board....... but I will pay 50 for two pairs of stocking legs, with heels and another tenner for a piccy of intertwined legs in said get up on summit!!

    100 if you throw the dog of Striding edge
  4. Hold ups will be more viable me thinks!

    So basically £60 for Dolly and I to be in a three legged stocking mit high heels pose - easy money!

    Any more offers?
  5. Ahhh.... Mr Predictable :lol:

    Hound isn't mine, so no go on that one, unless he lays a dog-egg or spews in my car on the looong journey up to where there be dragons.

    According to some he may end up sky-diving off Striding Edge of his own accord anyway, in which case your offer will stand and I'll need one of Dave's apartments to hide in from the dog's owner!
  6. 50 quid if you can get a live cat up there (and back down again) without the dog having it for a snack :twisted:
  7. I do intend to walk up with it (and back down) with a pussy (fnarr fnarr), and deffo won't be letting the dog 'snack' on it, so is that £50 for the piggybank?

    However, if that's a subtle attempt of getting a pussy/gash shot you can bog off! :-D
  8. OK Flowers. 50 quid for a picture of the moggy dangling (noose optional) with the dog snapping at it´s legs :twisted:

    As for the pussy/gash shot, I don´t do subtle and I live in the land of porn. I just hate cats !! (As in four legged, arrogant little shits that leave bloody fur balls and dead rodents all over the place) :D
  9. Blatant bump I know, but if anybody fancies a giggle, would like to see pictures of Dolly and Flowers sweating, or just wants to chip in for the hell of it, then feel free :twisted:
  10. If the iron and ironing board goes up, they'll need to take one hell of an extension cable with them...
  11. A dead horse stuffed and mounted on a skateboard with the front wheels removed.
  12. £30 if they have a rose in each others mouth while pouring water into a vase full of tiger lillies
  13. You provide it and get it up to Patterdale and we'll see what we can do, for a decent wedge to the fund of course. Oh, and make it a Falabella would you please; preferably not still warm and twitching - rigor mortis is the way forward on this task. ;)

    :D If that's going to spin your props and the 30 quid is a promise then it shall be done.
  14. Tiger Lillies ? Fucking Tiger Lillies ? And bloody roses too 8O
    Dolly, I´d get Tiger Stacker to pay for the flowers as well........

    Bimbles off muttering: "Tiger Lillies ! WTF is ARRSE coming to and what the bloody hell are Tiger Lillies" :?
  15. :lol:

    CC, I feel your angst :lol: ... but it's the 30 notes he's offering ARRSE aid that I'm after, so, if a few tiger lilies at the summit of Helvellyn will satisfy a fantasy in return for much needed cash then I'll oblige, plus lugging a few weeds up a hill has got to be easier than an ironing board!

    I must admit, I was bracing myself for much worse than stilettos and flowers :D

    ... and to think it's usually femmes that are accused of fluffy-ing up ARRSE!