A chance to sink Tony Blair?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by milsum, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Send over your finest catch (left to suitably warm/rot)

  2. A cheeky night dive with large guage boaring device

  3. Release torpedoes

  4. Introduce your mother to him

  1. My friend informs me she's currently moored next to Larry Ellison's boat somewhere in the Med, and his onboard guest is none other than Mr T Blair. I can not help but think there is some sort of opportunity there. Suggestions?
  2. Frogmans Suit. Flippers. 5KG of PE. Job Jobbed...
  3. The mother option is doing very well 8O
  4. My motherwith the full force of the WI a scarey thought for anyone
  5. Coach the twat in the Bob Maxwell 'method'.
  6. Are you suggesting things like posting the vessel's coordinates all over the internet on Islamic websites? That would be a terrible thing to do 8O
  7. Of course it would. Knowing them and their kit they would miss.

    I've checked, and unfortunately she doesn't have any torpedoes. She does however have 4 young ginger children, who between them could probably cause mild noise irritation. And perhaps slinging over a few testimonials about dead Iraqis/British service personnel.
  8. I personally do not have any issue's with Tony Blair, I for one consider him to have been a reasonably good prime minister. Yes there are some bungling errors that he made whilst 'in the chair' although i do think that he did leave at the right time. However, you can not please all the people all of the time but only some people some of the time.

    There are other individuals (incompitent at that) within the Labour Party who deserve their yacht to be sunk, however I wonder if they would jump ship when they do infact realise that they will be sunk at the next general election.
  9. WAH!

    Nice continued use of nautical metaphores shipmate
  10. Jump on the boat with a portable chainsaw! start with the children!

    Oh and it's incompetent by the way.
  11. Normally when interviewing TB there is a modicum of decourum and civility involved in the conversation, however if my mother were to interview him he would get little chance to say anything apart from "Hallo Mrs 06FA56.........."
  12. You sir, are a blind fool. He and his Government have strangled the very life out of the country, bankrupted it, and managed to break just about everything that worked. The most arrogant, short-sighted administration I can think of.

    But if living in ignorance makes you happy, then my all means carry on. :roll:

    Have I just been wah-ed?
  13. You have indeed :D
  14. Ahhh, I'm a sad cunt. But I really do hate Tony Blair.
  15. Fcuking alright for some aint it? She's not an MP is she?