A challenge - new twist for the game

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Sluice_dweller, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Ladies & Gents, we have a mystery arrser playing NS who has failed to beat Lairdx's record for the fastest banning but is now going for the most bannings in a given space of time. He or she has asked me to post the following challenge:

    Rules - you must achieve UN Membership status before you get banned

    Rules -

    1. You MUST NOT get ARRSE itself the blame for anything.
    2. You must achieve UN Membership status before you get banned.
    3. You must list all your Nations here each time you get banned and why.

    Thus far mystery arrser has been banned three times - twice for griefing and once for being a trouble maker - CAN YOU BEAT THIS?
  2. I don't want to keep getting banned, I am running out of names to do with "Snails" or "Slugs". (Mainly because I used most of them last time we played!!!)
  3. Dale, just think of another word and use that to play this game!
  4. you mean........ be original???
  5. What? Like "The Grand Duchy of IsTheKettleOnYet?"
  6. The boilityoutselfyouscrawneymunter commonwealth is running low on its main export of chocolate hob nobs due to a strike in the chocolate mines.
  7. Sounds like you have the idea!
  8. Mmmm.... I used to have a state called Kortwanking within Arrseonia until it was mysteriously booted out a couple of months ago. I hadn't done anything wrong. Anyone know what happened?