A Challenge from CutLunchCapitalist

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CutLunchCommando, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Running Dog Lackeys of the Capitalist System! So you think your so smart with your free market democracy?

    Have you seen this? www.investaquest.com

    Its time to put your (imaginary) money where your mouth is!

    Post if you want to play (I'll compile a list of declared so pm me that youre playing if you want) and whoever finishes with the most imaginary money wins!

    See you on the LOD. :D

    (NMB 04Mar1630)
  2. Competitiors So Far:

    Your Name Here!!
  3. Well this is obviously going swimmingly. :D

    I assume that anyone who has looked at the Investaquest site has come to the conclusion that it is to much work monitoring your investments all the time. For those that cant be arsed with the full monty just pick 10 shares at the start and leave them to ride. Let me know what you've picked and I'll do the monitoring and post the results.
  4. Oh for Gods Sake! Anyone would think there's no interest! :D
  5. [​IMG]

    We are over the halfaway point now and my stock selection skills have proved to be just below average. How are you doing cdn-spr?
  6. I would but it said you had to register mby Mar 05??
  7. Yup, thats true. As far as I know only cdn-spr and I are in the running from Arrse. Insofar as I can be described as running. Shuffling along on my Arrse would be more like it.

    Still cdn-spr has a healthy balanced portfolio of arms manufacturers and tobacco companies so he'll be doing better!
  8. I see this item is as popular as ever.