A certain scent in the air

When I left for work this morning I noticed that there was a cetain smell in the air, could not quite place it, it was very very faint. As i drive along the A12 it became slightly stronger and i was able to recognised it
Moist pussy,
The prevailing wind was blowing north along the A12, pulled over got out my atlas and tracked back to where the scent could be coming from. I pinpointed Romford.
Whats so special about Romford, this morning and moist pussy???
All morning I have been pondering this equation, then 5 mins ago a collegue mention that this saturday is a very special day.
Yes its back Ultimate Force has returned, the scent can only come from one place, yep LooLoo is very very excited. :D
Does this mean we will resurrect our old UF characters on their website?

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