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A center for asylum seekers likely to open outside SHAPE main gate

The Secretary of State for Social Integration, Philippe Courard, has plans to install a center for some 250 asylum seekers and thirty "unaccompanied minors" (UMs) in the old hotel to Maisières Casteau, located across from General Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).

Only in Belgium....

More at :

Demandeurs d’asile à Casteau : le SHAPE s’inquiète -

Maisières: un centre pour réfugiés face au SHAPE -

RTBF - Demandeurs d'asile à Casteau: le SHAPE a des "préoccupations sécuritaires"


I always thought there was a centre for immigrants there, oh no that was all the knife weilding moroccans in that dodgy nightclub.

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