A cautionary note for anyone nearing the end of their 12 or 22 year engagement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fingers_1661, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. (As received-Mods feel free to move if more appropriate elsewhere)

    The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP)

    This video is on our website and we need to get it to a wider audience in the UK. Please share it with family and friends in the UK: it explains the frozen pension issue poignantly and simply:

    Righting the wrong of frozen pensions

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  2. Early day motion 259
    Print version

    Session: 2013-14
    Date tabled: 17.06.2013
    Primary sponsor: Bottomley, Peter
    Sponsors: Caton, Martin Flynn, Paul Meale, Alan
    That this House believes that the past and present government policy of freezing the state pensions for people retiring to one of 123 countries abroad is immoral and discriminatory; notes that this policy is a product of history and not rationality; regrets that pensioners who have paid their national insurance contributions are denied an equal pension and that in some cases the pensioners are struggling on as little as six pounds a week; further notes that people retiring abroad to one of the countries in question deliver considerable savings to the UK economy in terms of unclaimed health and social care costs; is concerned about the effect of this policy on people of working age and the impact this could have on their retirement; and calls on the Government to remove Clause 20 from its Pensions Bill which makes provision to continue this bad policy.

    Early day motion 259 - FROZEN PENSIONS - UK Parliament
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  3. It has always been one of those unexplainable (and indefensible) glitches in Pension legislation. Well done, Mr. Bottomley for bringing it forward again. But was it not turned down at European court level last time?
  4. If you're wondering what it's all about, if you want to settle on your gubment pension in the states listed here:

    Pension 100  - Frozen Pensions 2007

    HMG reserves the right to shaft you under current legislation. You'll note that it cynically includes the entire commonwealth!

    Is there a petition yet?
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  5. There was and as above a whole High Court class action, that failed!

    I should add that, as far as I am aware, it only applies to the State Pension portion earned via NIC not AFPS or similar schemes.
  6. I have received my upgrades on Forces Pension every year for the last 12 years I have lived in Thailand.
    I have an elderly friend 94 years of age and to the best of my knowledge he gets 25 quid a week on his UK State Pension.

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  7. Quite a few arrsers are or will be affected by the current impasse if nothing is done about it. The entire workforce contributed to Uk Govt coffers whether they liked it or not yet 500k of them are having their pensions docked for choosing to live abroad in later life. Who @ 16 knew where they were going to be at 40,50,60,70 & why wasn't this fiasco public knowledge prior to Annette Carson's challenge in the 90's?
  8. That is a bit of a pointless argument, one that did not win in the High Court last time around. Forces Pensions (or War Pensions etc., are not affected by this). Only the State Pension! And it was public knowledge before Annette Carson, then, as now, no one really cared!

    The Governments of the day through that period knew that; so nothing was done, the High Court and European Court agreed with the Government. And there you have it. No idea if the new challenge will gain any further ground but my guess is that Joe Public will still not care, no votes no need to do anything - Government will ignore or defer!
  9. 2,780 British pensioners (ie. in receipt of frozen pensions) living in Yemen. Hmm ...
  10. They're all from South Shields!
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  11. You couldn't make this up but here goes....

    1. I sent SPVA an FOI enquiry asking how many ex servicemen are caught up in the “frozen” nonsence.

    2. They replied within a few days asking me to re-submit & more or less telling me how to phrase the questions.

    3. I duly complied.

    4. They accepted & told me to expect an answer by <date>.

    5. When I didn&#8217;t receive the data I started sending chaser emails & when that didn&#8217;t work I went over their heads to MOD Whitehall, resulting in a size 10 boot up the arrse from on high.

    6. I finally received the answers I&#8217;d been waiting for some 5 weeks late, along with a &#8220;&#8230;.here&#8217;s a copy of the info I sent you on <date>!&#8221;

    7. I tactfully replied explaining that prior to complaining I had first contacted my domain hosts in USA who confirmed that no email was received from SPVA Secretariat for a least a week either side of the due date&#8230;

    8. Hows this for a "Yes, Minister" despite para 2 & 3 above (cut-and-shut for persec/convenience)?

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  12. why not move back over for a week and have them updated, then move back out ?
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  13. When I reach State Pension age (and my stamp is already up to date) my pension will be frozen for being out of the country (where I am far less of a burden to the NHS and other Gov't depts, not getting free bus passes, winter fuel allowances etc and all other bits that make me a moocher off society).

    The Gov't punishes me for costing less and its about time this anomaly was sorted. As mentioned above with the 94 year old I know people here in their 80s who haven't had a pension increase since their first payment when they turned 65 and it isn't as cheap to live as it used to be. When I came here 9 years ago it was 74 baht to the GBP, today it's 48.

    The Gov't would actually save money if it persuaded more pensioners to live abroad but gave them the annual increases everyone else gets (no matter how pitiful they are).

    Edit: The last British Ambassador to Thailand Asif Ahmad actually supported this change and raised the issue last year to no avail.
  14. Seems a pretty straight forward letter to me. No obfuscation, and to the letter of the FOIA. As stated earlier, it only affects state pensions.

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  15. I knew at 16 when I would be 40, 50 etc.

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