A case of treason.


Watch this video.


Our Government is corrupt, and has been for the last 30 years.
Our constitutional rights and laws have been changed by the EU which is an offense of sedition the 2nd most serious crime in Britian, even worse than murder...

When over whelming evidence of treason and sedition is presented to an authority they will not deal with.
My view, laughed out of court by the Eurines of course, is that 'Traitor' Heath should have been tried for treason.

I am beginning to wonder why I pay taxes to Brown when I am in fact ruled by unelected, unaccountable, patently dishonest, inauditable, faceless apparatchiks in Brussels!
It is Treason.
Its not even open to interpretation, its right there in black and white in the Treason Act
Brown signing the Lisbon Treaty is no different
Everyone in Whitehall ignores it so what do we the public do about it?
Cant hear it very well due to duff speakers. Will try again later on another pc.

That website seems to be heavy, heavy stuff though.
When I introduced the argument on threads about policing it was police members who slated me ?

The Office of Constable is an independent ministerial office of the CROWN

At Coronation the Queen wed her people and took the supreme oath in the administration of justice. Europe nor any force on earth can undermine HM the Q as sole fount of justice because that is Treason.

A constable is not subject of orders unless separately sourced by Crown Authority. IE Judicial warrant. A constable is not in a master and servant relationship in a police force. Other than warrant a constable is not given orders he is charged with duties.

The office of constable is held conditional that he defend the rights, liberties and freedoms of the people.

Prescription and imposition are not a lawful development. Constables were duty bound to defend against the unlawful multicultural experiment. We absorb people and if they bring something to the commonly accepted table it can influence our way of life in the development of common law, legislative influence, common sense, equality before the law, common courtesy. This is how we lawfully and peacefully absorb newcomers to our land.

The multicultural experiment was unlawful. The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry was in breach of natural justice (although it denied justice to Stephen whilst promoting the myth of institutionalized racism to bogus reality) because it was conducted by Kent Police who were cross case compromised (oddly enough there is an inquiry by Kent Police I was notified of today re Baron Castleshortt and Deal Barracks etc. Don't hold your breath but that inquiry pursued properly would stray on to the territory of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry cross case compromise so I hold no hope Kent Police will actually do the inquiry properly)

Home Office key competencies for police officers are unlawful. They hold office by Crown Authority, on oath to HM the Q binding them under the Coronation Oath of the Queen's supremacy as sole fount of justice, to pursue duty without fear, favour, malice or ill will. Sworn to be blind to fiversity and see only that all people are equal under the law and all equally entitled to enjoy peace guaranteed by the Queen (and ultimately Her Armed Forces).

So it is self evidently unlawful to "Train" police officers in "Respect for Diversity". Because along that path lays inequality under the law.

So I do not sympathise with police or their continuous whinging about Home Office control. They are sworn to resist government gaining a foothold in the independent admin of justice. This is key to the balance of powers and Britons never being slaves.

Police are symptomatic of our time. Expecting public opinion to fight their battle and do their constitutional duty for them (whilst they retain well paid jobs and enjoy public sector pensions).

I will say it again. The miners should have petitioned the Queen about Maggie Thacher's centralised unlawful control of police. The Queen should have been given the ultimatum to give immediate remedy to forces of the Crown offending against the people. If she then failed to step in .. then go to civil war until remedy was forthcoming. Kill coppers till the constitution was re-established. Lawful killing.

That would have headed off the creeping Code Napoleon in 1984 and given Maggie's constitutional vandal apprentice Tony Blair a far more difficult ride.

Stand by ......
I have never forgot that 'Europe' gave Ted Heath a 50 K sterling prize for being European Statesman of the year/ decade following his signing of the treaty.
and that's when 50 K was serious money.
'knockknee' I very much hope that the Metropolitan Stasi (C in C - Wacky Spliff) do not read your post above, they might be seriously vexed.

Further I pray it will not be brought to the attention of the unelected monocular control-freak nor any of the unelected (becoming fashionable) unaccountable, faceless commissars in the Brussels Kremlin.

Boy, would you be 'disappeared' or 'Dr Kellyed' in double quick time.

Do not argue with Brown the Clown - he does not like it.

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