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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Benadiction, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys/gals,

    A quick question of personal opinion really, I'm due to start basic as of March and need to take a warm waterproof jacket with me. Unfortunately I have had a very turbulent financial year and the only "decent" outdoor coat I own is a desert DPM goretex one. A decent one is well over budget for me with all the other kit I need to buy so kinda stuck.

    It's not a case of weather I think the jacket is good enough more am I going to look a prize prick to the NCO's if I turn up with it?

    Don't really want to single myself out for attention on the first day of basic I have a feeling that won't be the best thing lol.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, cheers
  2. No it will show you are a prepared and switched on individual. I also recomend you bring your own set of webbing and so on. Arriving with a Tattoo of you chosen units capbadge will show that you are dead set on your chosen career.
  3. Why not sell this goretex jacket you own and buy something useful with the money.
  4. Just wear it, no one will care, they see dpm all the time, wont even register.
  5. Oh yea instinct that's sound, know anywhere I can buy my own Apache too? As stupid as my question may have seemed to you I was actually seeking some genuine advice.

    Cheer's Firthy been trying mate but no luck so far, I figure I need about £100 for a decent replacement no point taking a shitty £2.99 one from LIDL.
  6. Cheers Polar.
  7. :D Thats the spirit!!

    I know you where seeking genuine advice old chap! This is arrse, im surprised noone was a rougher on you. You'll get used to the humour.
  8. You'll be issued all the kit you need, don't need to take anything extra with you.
  9. It's in the kit list fella.
  10. Don't turn up for basic with any desert DPM kit. You would look a right cunt. You will be far better off getting something shite like this and wearing a fleece/jumper underneath it.

    If you require any decent quality civvy waterproof or warm kit during basic training, you will be issued with it.
  11. I've got a black RAB jacket, medium. Yours for £10.
  12. Cheers for the advice guys, Matron I may take you up on that mate thank you.
  13. I was lying.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't dream of getting in debt by spending a fortune on one as it will get trashed or stolen. Take a gander around the charity shops, ebay, ask if family or friends have got one they could let you have etc.

    Alternatively, take your desert one with them and just shout "you don't know man - you were'nt there" in your best mad voice. Everyone will think it is OK if you do that.