a canadian wanting to join

hello everyone.... just wondering what the best (fastest) way to get into the brits would be? I got an application package but my brother, who is already in the brits, said it might be best just to trek over there and apply. I already have a geordie buddy who will sponsor me and let me stay at his place; and I'll have enough cash to live there for maybe 6 months. if anyone has any advice please help me out.... thanks
There's been rumours flying around that there is now a residendency requirement, somewhere in the range of 5 years. I can't confirm this, but when I joined all I did was 'trek' over here, as you say, and it took me 3 months to join.

If I may ask, what regiments/corps were you thinking of joining? How long are you intending to stay?

These all have an influence on the advice I'll give you. I've been here nearly 6 years now, and I like to think I've got a good idea what the score is.
Have a look here, it lists the requirements for enlistment, looks like you can join from Canada as long as you have a UK sponsor, check out the `joining from overseas section` :)
As a Commonwealth citizen you do not need to have right of residency in the UK to join the Britsh Army.
You will need to swear an oath of allegiance to HM Queen Elizabeth, but as a Canadian that shouldn't cause you too much pain (unless your a french one ).
Just wondered why you would like to join the Brits and not your own army ?
Thank the good lord you have no wish to join your neighbours army - the mad yanks!!!!!!!!!!
I was thinking about going infantry first, maybe the rifles since rgj is getting amalgamated? but I definitely want to get into armour, preferably 2rtr. I'm joining the brits because I want to go a real army; the canadian army looks really bad, the physical testing alone is a joke.

but thanks for the replies, anything helps
I'll see you guys in a bit!
It took me three months to join from the time I walked in the recuitment office. I was backpacking and somehow ended up in Scotland. I met another Canadian guy who was doing adven training when i was thinking of joining..he made it sound so easy. I wonder if he is still around?

Anyway - If you have the drive you'll get what you want. Rgardless if you join over in UK or Canada.. If your keen your green!! Worked for Me!

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