A Call to the Keen! Contents of your Orders Kit

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bhangra_D, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Calling all Space Cadets!

    I need to put together a shiny and swanky orders kit!

    Any ideas on the contents? String and talcum powder makes for such a dull o-group...

    My most inovative idea so far is toy soldiers to represent...real soldiers!*

    *For the purposes of the o-group - not as a substitute for actual soldiers.
  2. strips of multi-coloured ribbon
    pre-made north arrow and scale

    i saw a pre-made legend once working with a reg unit relating naturally found objects to key areas and objectives, removing the need for unprofessional looking lego men and toy tanks!!!
  3. Lots of different squares of coloured card did for me.

    Does John Bull still sell model kits? They were quite good I recall.
  4. As above, but I use different sizes/colours of 'Tidlywinks' counters marked on one side with permanent marker FRV, RV, Gun Group symbol, Orifice symbol, Radio op symbol etc, etc. Coloured chalk and an IPK sheet comes in handy for ultra-quick orders.

  5. "Monopoly" hotels add a nice touch. The houses are too small and dont stand out, avoid. A few casino chips are also useful, and add that certain air of debauchery.
  6. For fcuks sake don't use toy soldiers/tanks or monopoly pieces! It gives an impression of a complete knob jockey! Simple fabloned 2 inch by 2 inch white cards that can be written on will sufice. Ribbon is good, 4 colours. Other than that you can use anything to hand. If you are doing a map then use what's on the ground around you.

    P.S. Ensure that your map is a true representation of the ground. NOT 2 dimentional.
  7. A model can be made with twigs, grass, anything you have to hand.

    Any DS worth their salt isn't going to give a flying rats for how many tiddlywinks, plakky soldiers, and monopoly pieces you have in your CEFO, what they (and more importantly YOU) should be concerned with is the content and quality of your Appn of the Commander's Intent, COA/ACOA, main effort, G2 & G4 elements, and overall plan and presentation. This, and a bit of enthusiam for your plan will be far better than a gucci model with little plastic men and tanks all over it when the substance and plan is pump.
  8. Said like a true tube that's never led a dog out on a lead let alone soldiers! With "bright ideas" lioke this I hope to fukc you never get as far as the big white gates off the A30!
  9. Devlish

    think everybody has different ideas on how to make a good orders kit i have been taught loads of methods, on my l/Cpls course we had to carry different colours of powder paints around with us, & pices of card, when i went back to unt i had the 2 by 2 white card & got ripped to shit by my old oc has its not good enough. so people have different ideas.

    But i do agree forget the Tanks or toy soldiers bit for representation make cards up for the use of
  10. i tend to use the ground around me with a bit of foot powder if i have it to hand, houses etc i use blank ammo boxes if they are available its better than rocks but anything to hand is a lot better
  11. I found fablon coated white card too light and it was forever getting blown away. opted for the white backed flexible magnetic strips cut into squares. you can write on the back with a chinagraph for wahtever unit or symbols you need and can even use the side of a hard top rover if necessary for a quick set of orders (and you can move them around to show intent/phases, etc.). that combined with a pre-made north marker and some coloured ribbon is enough, the rest is found locally.
  12. Instead of ribbon use powder paints. it gives it much better detail.
  13. Not having a good day Woopert? or have you just misplaced your sense of humour? :lol:

    Incidentally, the "big white gates" havent been white for years. :roll:
  14. No, sense of humour is right next to me to be pulled out of the bag and used when appropriate. Let's not pretend you are capable of irony, so don't bother with the smileys.

    My SoH is fine, you are just talking a pile of arrse. My suggestion above holds good, concentrate on getting the plan and the content of the O Group and fukc the monoploy pieces and plakky soldiers it impresses no-one and even talking about it makes you appear a tube. If you really want to impress then ask about how you make your O Group good as opposed to what plastic toys are "in" this season.
  15. Also I found that a bit of chalk and the door of a Landie did quite well too.

    As did the same chalk and the floor of the bogs at Bellerby Bivvy site