A Call to KevinB - Come and enlighten us.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Dear KevinB

    I would like to invite you to discuss your belief and support of the Republican cause in Northern Ireland with other members of ARRSE.

    I have choosen to ask you this in the NAAFI Bar, which is moderated by MDN, a person I believe will ensure that a fair debate and discussion can take place with minimal 'troll' activity.

    To start the debate off, I would like to ask you the following:

    How do you view your activity as a fund raiser for NORAID in light of the fact Rupublican terrorist killed persons not conected with the security forces/government in Northern Ireland including children, and sometime purely because of their protestant religion.
  2. Kev, for what its worth I dislike with a passion what you allege to believe in however I'm intrigued to see your side of the coin. Hopefully there is one and you haven't just been poking fun and trolling.

    Understand that emotions run high amongst many, most of whom I imagine are like yourself and doubt they have even been to the Province. But I will ensure whilst its in the forum this thread will be void of personal attacks and childish vitriol and you will be given fair audience to put across your beliefs.
  3. He won't bother..... he knows he can't defend the indefensible.
  4. Thank You MDN - I'll play by those rules.
  5. I'd like to think he would. His posts have been mainly coherent and sensible, despite them not being what we want to hear.

    Just to quote a couple of decent posts from the other thread:

    I will drop KevB a PM so he is a aware this thread is here.
  6. As someone who served in Northern Ireland Londonderry, Forkhill and Belfast on 5 tours between 1973 and 1992, I have a fairly broad view ( which is correct albeit obviously biased) regarding Northern Ireland.

    I would be very interested to hear any debate that espouses the common sense or humanity involved in the failed Terrorrist camapign that was operated by the "republican" elements in Northern Ireland in that period. Frankly I can see no justification in it - and worse yet after all this time Northern Ireland remains as it was in 1969, a staunch member and key element of the UK. Effectively the campaign of terrorism and suffering (to be fair on both sides) was in effect for nothing. What a waste!!
  7. Anyone new to this who is wondering what is going on here. KevinB has attracted some negative and abusive attention because of his beliefs and left the site of his own accord in April.

    In November he returned and apart from a thread about Killing for Britain, which if I'm honest was readable apart from people derailing it with abuse hurling. Since then He has contributed to the Multinational forum with sensible coherrant posts and hasn't resorted to name calling, swearing or abuse.


    Thats his profile. Have a read through, with the outrage bandwagon fired up I assumed there would be pro-Provo threads running and 'Up the IRA' type posts...... but I can't see anything.
  8. Link's down, mate.
  9. I would beg to disagree on a few points you brought up. Imagine a group within a large community being barred from taking work wherever they can find it, reporting vicious beatings and being met with total indifference by the local Old Bill, being refused community housing for the flimsiest of reasons and even prevented from voting; and all because they follow a different version of the Christian religion. Now imagine this continuing for something like 45 years. That was the situation in Norn Iron.

    Originally, all the folks wanted was a recognition of their human and social rights, but their demonstrations were brutally broken up and their pleas ignored. That’s when the IRA appeared on the scene, initially to protect these folks. The local Old Bill were exhausted and couldn’t handle the situation, because they weren’t prepared to compromise and actually listen to what the protesters had to say. So the British Army was called in to restore order.

    Notwithstanding that the initial, correct, approach was subsequently perverted into slavish support of the status quo, with all the ensuing decades of heartache and sorrow that entailed, I believe you’re wrong when you say that nothing was achieved. For the Catholics in Norn Iron now have, more or less, equal standing with the FOBs in the social and human rights stakes. The situation is far from ideal, but it’s tons better than those desperate days back in the early Sixties.

  10. I'm willing to bet that 95% of the outraged didn't have a clue about that. I can also picture a semi decent salesman working the United States collecting for the cause by romancing the story and collecting from the gullible who are willing to donate without question.
  11. Im not sure of your background KevinB, so until told otherwise ill take it at face value that you are a member of SF and have been involved with Noraid in the states.

    what prompted you to get involved with the republican cause? was it purely ideological or were there other factors i.e. community expectation, unemployment etc?

    What does involvement in SF entail? Is it like a member of the labour club, where you get the privelidge of cheap beer for a small annual fee (no questions asked) or is their an expectation of more hands on community involvement?

    During the late 90's early noughties there was an accepted reality (when Mo Mowlem was in the chair) that SF would be involved in policing their own community, is this what is meant by community involvement? How do you view this approach?

    What is the grass roots perception (ideology and propoganda aside) of the average Noraid volunteer of the troubles in NI? How frequently would a volunteer be allowed to go and see the results of their labour first hand?

    Would Noraid volunteers or SF members in the states facilitate "RnR" visits for volunteers from the mother country? How often would these people talk frankly and openly of their experiences?

    That will do for now (none of these are loaded questions i would just like to get a feel for things from the coal face)

    many thanks
  12. I'm lucky enough to be in the 5% of the outraged that remembers troops being given tea in catholic areas after Tony Benn sent the troops in in 1969 to protect the rights of the catholic minority. But when did the cups of tea stop? After the hard men started killing soldiers, or when the hard men turned the screw on their 'own' people for not fully support the 'cause'?
  13. The cups of tea are out of KevinBs control, no matter how much you'd like to see him hung for that too.