A call to Arms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CombatBooBah, Apr 21, 2004.

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  1. If you mooch over to the TA forum you can read in the call up bit the frankly disgusting story of a bloke who returned from iraq to discover his job had mysteriously been reorgainsed so he was out of a job.
    MOD won't help with legal costs.
    We made a scouse hotel think twice
    now its time to make unichem think twice
    should do for a start :twisted:
  2. The Deputy Chairman of Unichem is none other than the Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA - he has no email, alas.

    I wonder if SaBRE are doing anything for him, one of their fundamental aims being to support reservists.
  3. That comment above doesn't really surprise me at all!

    I also heard a comment from an RMP source that the survivor from the RMP shooting in Basra (TA guy) has been treated like shiit by the RMP on his return i.e. no support, no councelling.

    Any you RMPs out there know any different? Manchester-monkey, etc.etc
  4. This has been a long recognised issue - well, recognised by the troops not the chain of command. The MoD has never at any time intended to assist reservists take their employer to court for unlawfully sacking them. If you read the small print in the mobilisation bumph you have to do it all yourself - which is not the easiest thing to arrange when you've just returned home and find yourself out of a job.

    Funnily enough, all the crap that Sabre and the chain of command spout to reassure the troops tend to leave this sort of detail out.
  5. very sad to say, but this sort of behaviour by employers is going to get worse for those TA soldiers mobilised - all some companies need to see is someone getting away with it and they'll jump on the band wagon.

    I ended up on the redundancy pile 2 years ago because of my involvement with the TA - my employer at that time didn't want the liability of employing me and having me called up - nice of them eh...this sort of thing is that uncommon, sadly.
  6. The real problem in the medium to long term is going to be employers refusing to take on staff in the reserve forces - which is quite legal. With the revised rules for disclosure coming in the soldier won't even be able to keep quiet. And all the publicity at the moment mean that employers are far more likely to ask the question anyway.
  7. People (i.e. Joe Public) should have to earn the right to vote. How can you do this? Simple, everyone over the age of 18 joins the reserves, in doing so you solve lots of problems. You can safe guard jobs from those REMF's that don't want to or can't be ARRSEd to serve, and you find or those extra troops that HMG want to sent to the Gulf.

    Contriversal but would proberbly work.
  8. National Service=National Vote

    I've used the term 'National Service' to mean 'serving one's country in some capacity', not necessarily the Armed Forces, but including Police, Fire Brigade, NHS etc.

    There are far too many people skiving, de-frauding the Government, swindling the tax payer, and so on.

    When the revolution comes, these to$$ers will be the first against the wall. :evil:
  9. It's a bit like in was in 'Starship Troopers' (but without Carmen Electra's tits to stare at), where you 'earned the right to be a citizen', other than that, you were shite and unemployable.

    Bring back National Service, works in other countries, take Germany for example, do they have short falls in their Services, including the Medical system? I think not.

  10. Totally agree, would be intersting to see if Blair Witch would be as war hungry if it was his teenage son he was sending to the front line.
    More interesting would be the affects National Service would have on crime, i.e. young offenders.
  11. Combat BooBah,

    can you write up a standard message to be sent to the adress:enquiries@alliance-unichem.com

    I don't know enough about this to write in my own complaint, but would gladly send in a message with the relevant points listed.
  12. Yep, count me in, BooBah!

    Post the standard letter on here, and then all interested parties can 'mail bomb' unichem! :D

    Legally!!! :D