You all know that your wives and girlfriends are gonna drag you up town today so work as a team people.
We should all dress smartly today so that I can spot you amongst the the "Great Unwashed". I'll need your support as you will mine.
I want to see good use of cover today.
Top tip; nod your head and say "yes" a lot or, failing that, ask your local Big Issue salesperson/dealer for some class A assistance. Either way the experiance will be less painful.
I am not afraid to admit that I am a little scared, but then, that is what I joined for.
Good luck lads, be well and hopefully I'll see you all again Monday morning. :'(


War Hero
Ive a much better idea!  tell her you need to do a bit of "special shopping for her" and sneak of to pub for the afternoon!

Cheers  :p :p :p
start an argument, give her a good belting, send her up town after of course, shes made your breakfast & washed up

Being dragged into town today, to support the Forlani-like, who is singing at the Christmas tree,and various locations as the "Voice of culture", from now till Crimbo eve, God help us.

I'm there to present a big and menacing deterrent to Albanian rat boys, who might try to mug the missus of her earnings.been interesting watching the people dropping money, didn't realise so many thugs liked classical choonz.

So if any of you are knocking around Rebel Base central, feel free to rock up , and hot extract me to the pub  ;D
PTP, thought you would have shown some more initiative than that. Surely a deterrant to the Sstinking Albanians would be a big picci of your Favourite Flying Crocafrog ;D
Nice idea....

Unfortuantely, the banjoing I'd get from the missus, for even daring to display another chick's pic, does not bare thinking about  :(

Besides which, I am trying to deter the ratboy-badteethed-leather jacketed mob, not encouarge enquiries like:

"Pliss, who is beyootiful anglistani princess, she beyootiful, i wish to marry yes?"etc etc etc

The Forlani got one of those last week  -Chancing bastids


War Hero
PTP, you clearly missed "The golden opportunity" to sell your missus!

"Give us a couple of beers and she's yours"

"Oh and make sure you take the kids as well, I'll have them for a weekend in the summer, ok"

;D ;D ;D


Panic over.....fortunately, the first stop was a toy-shop so I leered at some children bringing the shopping odyssey to an end.
The mass beating by irate CHV was worth it as is having to spend my life on a register thingy.
My wife and children are now MIA downtown Pristina aka Ipswich. If the white slave trade is all that, they should be stitching third rate footballs in some fetid sweatshop by Monday.
Here's to a good Christmas. ;D

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