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This forum is looking a bit empty so it could do with threads from other parts of the site moving in here and/or new ones created.

If there are threads that need moving then pse post the links below this one and I'll do the honours ....


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Cheers, both moved. Who knew that ARRSE contained such discussions!


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Does anyone know where the last climate change thread went? That's bound to crop up again and we should get it moved in here so the geeky types can discuss it.
There are now enough climate change threads in here to keep even you guys amused!
Hi Bad CO,
I am a PhD researcher doing research into workplace adversity for individuals working in high-intensity workplaces such as the Military. Would it be OK if I started a thread inviting people to participate in my study by completing an online questionnaire? I hope that the work will result in me designing better psychological training programs for soldiers, correctional officers, emergency service workers etc.

I would happily also post the results in this forum if you liked.

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