A cadre passes off; I did that ( WARNING trumpet-blowing...)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Weekend 9, Blenheim Plt where firing today. The last weekend for the 18 (?) who passed, of the 23 SUTs on the day.

    Three months ago we took a load of blokes who looked as if they'd been dipped in glue and thown throught the CQMS's door.

    Today I watched 23 guys marching to the 100-metre point; all in step, all squared away. all as fully prepped for their future Army careers as posible.

    I thought to myself; "I dd that*." From >60 crows to 23 SUTs who would, when asked "How you feelin', soldier?" shout as one, "like a mean motherf*cker, Sir!"

    I did that. I earned my pay. I'm proud of them.

    *Obviously I had a bit of help. Some Random Black Man; various SMEs. Lots of Infantry JNCOs. Lots of them.

    I'll give it 12 hours before Spaz gets his crayons out.
  2. You’ve been watching far to many spam war films mate 8O
  3. I bet there was more than just you involved.
  4. You'd have loved the moment when I pulled a "jelly donut" from the ammo pouches of my Big Unit...
  5. Hello, Dolly... :D

    Drove past Keogh today; thought of you...
  6. Hoo Haaaaarrrrrrrr to that soldier :D
  7. Can they read a map and carry out any first aid? Can they follow a FCO? Can they be in time and mask in nine? Do they know what happens in a section attack? Do they know any "Actions On"?

    If so - well done.

    Or, do they know what C-DRILS stands for? Can they stay awake in powerpoint presentations on Values and Standards? Do they know what is expected of them in the Gymnasium when "mixed sports" is the order of the day?

    I suppose you don't write the syllabus - don't take it personally.
  8. I made him eat it while the rest of the casre did pressups, naturally...
  9. Ahh that most important of drills in the current climate :wink:

    And why do they need to know anything about the Foreign and Commonwealth Office never mind follow someone from there 8O
  10. Not really; a bit.

    No; not on syllabus; yes; no, not on syllabus; no, not on syllabus

    Yes; yes ( stand up if nodding off, which will happen ); Yes, so I believe.

    I do not write the syllabus; I do train SUTs to the best of my ability.
  11. I've no doubt that you do but I think you might understand my observations. I do wonder whether those who DO write the syllabus understand.
  12. Wheres the duty Regular slagging this thread off? I was expecting a little chuckle from it!
  13. F*cking STAB’s :p
  14. I thank you :D
  15. CHAD C.U.N.T

    bet you snivel watching top gun