A Cadets Plea... (Help Requried)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by black--rider, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im a cadet in the Air Training Corps (ATC - not too different to the ACF, their next door lol) and ive comer here to ask for some help from you friendly squadies!

    Anyway, here I go, as the ATC we are sponsored by the RAFso they don’t provide us with any DPM uniform whatsoever :x , only Blues (Formal)

    Ive just spent around £55 for my set of DPM uniform, Trousers, Shirt, Smock and Boots, all brand new off eBay plus the cost of Camps and other pieces of kit such as the PLCE bergan has cost me a lot of money lol and as im only 16 I don’t always have an income. :(

    So I was wondering if any of you guys have any spare kit, DPM uniform, Cylafumes, etc anything that’ll help out a cadet I the field which any of you are willing to give away or sell at a cheap price, if you give away I will pay the Postage costs

    Im really hoping for a set of webbing that I can buy off you guys cheap or if you wouldn’t mind giving away, of course I will gladly pay postage and any other fees you wish as long as I can still afford it I find it disgusting that the RAF doesn’t help at all and leaves us cadets fending four ourselves

    Please help if you can, your helping a future soldier/airman :D


  2. Shift yourself to the ACF next door, all you should need to supply will be boots- Be a future soldier, you know it makes sense. :wink:
  3. Lol, its a miracle my parents let me join up to the ATC, i doubt they want me to be in the ACF lol

    ...Its gonna be a tought time explaining to them i wanna be in teh RAF lol!!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Whereabouts are you?

  5. Its alright once your 18 you can just moonwalk out the house and into the careers office and they can do nothing about it :1:

    Try asking the ACF for kit. When I was in the cadets they would sell CS95 trousers and shirts for 2 quid each ........... bargain thats probably the manufacturing costs by the MoD covered.
  6. Im down here in London mate, 34f Sqn ATC
  7. Check your PMs black--rider, I may be able to help out here...
  8. ive asked them next door (were both located on a TA base) and they said they only get uniform straight from some next base up in Crowborough (where i did my Inness Sword comp) and its only for ACF

    lol, they really is something called Inter-service rivalry
  9. Just got back from cadets, i asked the TA Colour Sgt if he had any spare kit, he gave me the same answer lol,

    So if any anyone could help it will be much appreciated...thx
  10. Black--Rider, I was in the ATC for a couple of years and we were given both DPMs and No1/No2 uniform upon enrolement into the corps. The only things we had to get ourselves were parade shoes and combat boots. (of which if we were lucky, we could get both second hand from the sqn - not advisable 8O ). Alot of the kit used on expeds/camps etc was also borrowed from the sqn.

    Don't mean to sound like a knob (although I admit I am), just pointing out that you SHOULD be supplied with at least 95 shirt and trousers.

    On another - off topic note, I must point out that the ACF are a bunch of scruffy charvers.. and congratulate you for joining the ATC, cheers! :D
  11. Lol, London wing stopped dishing out DPMS over 2 years ago, they only give you blues now and parade shoes. Were not meant to go on night ex's and stuff like that but becuase my sqns with on a TA base we do it more actually much more than other sqns (evrey month in fact!).

    Weve all complained saying that it costs too much and they should provide SOME Dpm stuff but alas they dont!! Ive spent quite a lot now and i badly need a good set of webbing for the camp in Easter, plus i wanna take the Junior Leaders near the end of the year

    Guess i better start savin up lol
  12. B--R check PM's
  13. Luckily when i did my lil stint with the Air cadets got issued some 95s, working blues and the formal set of kit .had to buy our own boots tho, and unless you liked the good ol' 58 webbing your own stuff (i had a rather gucci DPM chest rig). Had my LSW training with them aswell, always thought it made you look more ally than the rest because you had gas parts and a susat.....................any way before i go off on a 4 page rant about cadet days long gone you should be issued 95s at least. Mind you i was CCF not ATC so we naturally raided the Army stores anyway
  14. Cmon Guys, ive got Easter camp soon and ive got the training next week (half term) at St Martins Plain in Dover so badly need a set of webbing.

    Ill even pay a bit just not too much

    Please help!!!