A Bump start for the Middle East Peace Process?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. Running out of grown up perhaps

    Taken from the Jerusalem Post this evening

    B'stard Israelis eh.................. wreck the peace process at every turn :evil:
  2. Shin Bet, eh? That boy's in for a seriously schoiderliche experience. Those guys don't give a damn whether you're 15 or 51.

    The worser one was about the kid who didn't even know he was carrying a bomb.
    I simply fail to see any way terrorists can stoop any lower...
  3. That he was handed over to Shin Bet is not the point :wink:

    That he was a recruited suicide bomber and a child at that and was attempting an infiltration of the lines of a Ceasefire Partner is!

    And the Israeli murderers didn't shoot him?

    What is the world coming too? :roll:
  4. Obviously any previous evidence of Israeli aggression can be refuted by one act of Palestinian aggression - take THAT, logic and balance!
  5. One act of Palestinian aggression You are then aware of the history of Israel as it exists today? The Israelis fought for their right to EXIST . The Arabs living in the area described as Israel had waged an undeclared war against the Jewish settlers for some 40 years before the end of WW2...argh feck it!

    Arabs, in my experience are happy to lie and twist the truth as much as any other goup or race of people...........for proof one only has to refer to the 'Jenin massacre' , much reported by the BBC, that rock of Journalistic integrity. Yet how many people died? Israeli bodies can be viewed spread across our TV screens when there is a Terr atrocity.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Sort of despite the fact that they had been living there for some 2000 years?

  7. And before that or co-existantly were the ?
  8. This is all the fault of the bloody Romans.
  9. And us,yet before that the Arabs had managed to produce?

    Shit about theoretical Mathematics...we are talking arid land, deserts and others and the Israeli Land lords who changed shoite into
  10. Actually, Palestine and Palestianian associations with nationhood are completely made up, principally by our favourite Egyptian, Yassir Arafat.
    Until recently, Palestine was simply a geographic term that included Jordan, like Europe or the British Isles. Palestine is in fact more accurately described as Southern Syria or Canaan.

    This has taken place in conjunction with a precipitous decline for the area, as the Palestinians as we know call them used to be the probably most educated people in the entire region before they descended into squalor.
    As such, Palestine is in some ways the ultimate representation of modern Islam: Where once there was science, tolerance and wealth there is now...whatever word you prefer.

    And, well, the Romans did kill Jesus. That's a biggie. Although many people believe it was the Jews. Thanks to the same kind of propaganda that - guess who - the Palestinians and Co. use today.
  11. Bad theology and cr@pper history.

    Modern Jews (people) are not the same as Biblical Jews (people), most are slavs ethnically. And it was the Jews (religion) that killed Christ.

    "Oh hello! We want to move into your country, take it over, and throw you out, you don't mind do you but the west is feeling in a bit of a funk about what the boxheads have being doing recently and are feeling a bit guilty?"

    Bit like Bradford.