A Briton in the Argentine army 1982

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dazzer, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. when I first saw the Title I immediately though "left wing Traitor !" having read it , I can see his difficlties, British family , Argentine citizenship, fighting against his parents countrymen, he must have had a rough time in the Argentine Army due to his British ancestry, it must be quite a dilema, Im sure that has happened in WW2 WW1 where German sons of British parents were conscripted into the German army.
  2. A good article and it does tell a different side of the story.

    And very well.
  4. Weren't many Germans called back from other countries to defend/fight for the Fatherland during WWII?
  5. There was also loads of Welsh sheep farmers called up to fight for the Argies.
  6. You know why don't you...?

    "They don'y like it up 'em, boyo!"
  7. Taffs from patagonia,sailed down to Argentina on a ship called the Mimosa during the 19th century.Stayed there.
  8. The German army had quite a few Yanks, Aussies etc in it that came from Germanic backgrounds. I think Band of Brothers touched on it briefly too. Lots of them 'answered the call', before realising they were onto a loser, finishing 2-0 to the allies. Not as bad as the 30 or so ex brit POW's who ended up in the SS though! Wonder if they got paid twice over... Hmmm.
  9. An interesting story, and a fresh perspective.
  10. Bizarrely enough they did. They were still receiving Red Cross parcels while serving with the SS as they were still officially POWs.
    I saw a documentary a couple of years ago when the TV crew tracked down one of the survivors who went bact to New Zealand. The interview quickly went downhill after they started asking if he was still receiving his British war pension.
  11. Got to admire that.
  12. In 'Das Boot' one of the officers had come back to fight from his family ranch in Mexico 'because it was his duty as a German'.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    and of course the Alsatian in the Gross Deutschland division - Guy Sajer, The Forgotten Soldier.
  14. I used to know a WW2 U Boat captain who had British ancestry, not dramatically uncommon. He simply joined the armed forces of the country he had been born and brought up in when told to do so.