A BRITISH WOMAN Marries Bin Ladens son...

When did BRITAIN marry Bin Laden?

I don't remember!

Was I taken roughly from behind on the wedding night?

Did I get a hug afterwards?

If not - can I have one now - I feel very vulnerable....:(
**Changes heading to stop any more confustion**

Heedthebaw, Bin Ladens second cousin twice removed osama butt laden done it! 8|

And you did get a hug, although im not sure if 3 horseman of the apocalypse counts as a good hug. the 4th was busy with bin laden himself 8O
Smart, you live up to your name.

How did you know that he asked her to submit plaining promotion for an extension of her house. Apparently its going to be an anix for her in-laws.
Ahhh the joys of a holiday romance... boy meets girl, sorry granny... they fall in love... they vow to spend their lives together... then he blows himself to pieces. :D

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