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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Storeman Norman, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. Sadly I can't offer one - I'm just after someone who knows a little about it, its origins, its membership and its progression - to put their thoughts down here.

    Fr'instance. Most members of, ahem, a certain vintage, appear to have started their lives in Jul 2003. Yet when you have a bit of a poke around there are plenty of posts originating in 2002. Someone once led a thread on trying to find out which was the oldest post which was certainly of that year, and perhaps even earlier. When did ARRSE kick off and who were the original exponents of its fine wordery? What happened in 2003? Some mega apocolyptic, cataclysmic dinosaur-destroying comet which wiped out all ARRSE life and drove the sparse membership into caves - only to see them emerging, blinking in the bright Jul sunlight ready to sally forth?

    The COs may wish to lead, but I'm sure there are others who know.....and there must be more than exists in the ARRSEpedia
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    The idea behind ARRSE came about from a pub conversation that took place sometime in late 2001. Nothing really happened until GCO and myself were coming back from a New Year's Eve party. Both hungover we were just kicking a few ideas round when we came up with the name ARRSE. It just seemed too good a name to waste so we started looking into how to create a web site.

    At that moment we were sharing a house in God's country and both had quite lot of time on our hands. Neither of us though had any idea what we were doing so the first few versions of ARRSE were exactly that. It wasn't until we hit upon a piece of software called YABB, Yet Another Bulletin Board, that we produced something we could show to the outside world.

    The site actually went live sometime in mid Jan 2002. The first users were friends, relatives and multiple logins of our own! We also posted a few pieces of blatant advertising on ]PPrune which is why many of the oldest users are AAC or PPrune users. To our surprise, site use exploded - almost certainly helped by the JCSC decision to ban us from our servers! For those who remember that far back - the word 'O wen' was an early addition to the swear filter!

    As membership took off, many of the characters you would still recognise came aboard. To the best of my knowledge people like PtP, MDN and Lord Flash have been here since early 2002.

    For us, the next big decision was to upgrade the site to a 'proper' Content Management System in Jul 2003. This was a major undertaking for us at the time and something we didn't undertake lightly. It was a great success as the new system was much less work for us and, we thought, produced a much better site. Unfortunately one of the things that the conversion did was to jumble up the user numbers and make everyone's joining date Jul 2003. A few people asked us to change it but mainly they left it.

    The next big event was the site getting hacked in mid 2004. Basically the software we had chosen to use had many known exploits and some script kiddies used it to get into our server. Unfortunately we had no idea what they had done so I had to take a week's leave to get it sorted. This happening again worries us massively so we remain paranoid about security! I think it was about this point that the site started to take donations as running the site became increasingly expensive.

    After that we were determined to improve things again so looked round for the most secure and speedy CMS we could find and ended up with this. We upgraded again in Sep 04 - hence the fact that our stats only go back this far.

    Well thats probably enough of that for now - hope its answered a few questions?
  4. Gentlemen, many thanks. I had seen the sad and sorry tale of BB v the Flashmeister, but had forgotten the historical bits. Some bright widgety type person might try to paraphrase this and BCO's potted history and get it onto the ARRSEpedia and roll it along. The longer serving members might aso have bits to add.

    I always did wonder why the AAC seemed to dominate ARRSE ground. Now I know!

    (Oh, BTW, where was this house you shared in Lancashire?)
  5. Auld-Yin

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    Stormin - I too often wondered at the aloofness and one-upmanship of certain members of the Aviation mob but had put it down to their Corps' natural arrogance.

    I now stand corrected and see that it has in fact just enhanced it 8)

    I think it is a great idea to have an Arrse history and for it to be updated regularly by those in the know and with the ability to do so. I enjoyed reading BCO's piece above and hats off to the COs and early members, without whom we would not have so much enjoyment (and abuse al la MDN and Harry Webster :lol: )

    I hope that in 20 - 30 years, some sprog will log into Arrse and wonder "WTF were these guys on then?"
  6. I think it's amazing how much arrse has achieved considering it started out as a hobby. Not only with the obvious i.e. The British Armed Forces Federation, but with recruitment (helped me make up my mind to join earlier than expected), advice and a more truer representation of the armed forces themselves.

    Well done CO's and thanks!

  7. You'll be dead by then.
  8. I think I joined in about 2002. A big boy in MOD showed me the site and I literally pissed myself laughing about it and so joined when I was still doing the weekly commute from London to Gutersloh. I only really got into it when I went to Iraq and would log in in those lovely little portacabins, and would, once again, pish myself laughing.

    Thanks BCO and GCO.
  9. Oh, and I remember when Baddass and I went through our "Pot Noodle" stage as well.
  10. I joined after being told that there were loads of slim, good looking, gagging for it women on ARRSE.

    Imagine my disappointment when I found out that the first two parts of that description were lies.
  11. I originally joined in May 2002 after a mate of mine came back from AJD and told me about it. My very first post got me a ticking off from a Mod... :D

    ...and he was wrong as well...
  12. I still love you though.
  13. That's what scares me.
  14. I originally joined 3 or 4 years ago, haven't been a regular user at all but someone told me last week how good the site was now, so I thought I'd come back and see for myself.