A Bride for Netleyned

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by netleyned, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. And lo it has come to pass, I Netley of the Neds have called it a day with Mrs Netley. The old lush was getting too much for my sober inclinations and so a parting of ways is in order, and not before time if I don't mind saying so.

    But rather than mop about, listen to love songs and cry myself to sleep hugging a small stuffed toy, Pheonix like, I feel the need to rise again. So putting it out there, which female is deserving of my dashing good looks and rapist wit?
  2. I'd keep away from any of the trogs on here.
  3. Noted and recorded. Cheers old bean.
  4. Get over to Ostrava and the swimming pool. Girls take fitness seriously and are seriously fit but know what is what to boot. Ask History Man for references.

    You have about another 4 weeks of 35 degrees before the buggers cover themselves in quilted jackets and go skiing...

    And, we have a nice monument to something too
  5. Nip and see EODMatt.
  6. Last time I put in a good word with some young buck for you Jarrod!!
  7. He doesn't need to go to Ostrava, Lincolnshire is full of Polish/Czech/Slovakian/
    Slovenian Slappers picking Peas and Potatoes and they really look sexy in their Wellies.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Er...call me old fashioned, but what the fuck is wrong with going on the piss reeking of Joop and using your wit and devilish good looks to find a bird who will let you plate her?

    Oh I see.

    Poor you.
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  9. In proportion to their population, far less Czechs, who are bit haughty and can need taking down a peg or three...
  10. Get on the old favorite....plenty of fish
  11. Well, we know YOU would :wink:
  12. Well he might seek comfort in your ample buxom.
  13. I am also in the middle of chopping off a load of deadwood right now. The Far East beckons, come and fill yer boots. There are arrsers in Thailand - including chromodynamix in Pattaya, I am in Vietnam. The worlds yer lobster.
  14. Now wheres my panama and safari suit gone?
  15. I'm on my third: you're welcome to try the two previous Zulu c/s.